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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Euro Truck Evolution Simulator was released by publisher Ovidiu Pop at the end of 2019. Simulating the work of driving a large-capacity tractor. You will play the role of a driver, returning goods to deliver to customers. To evaluate, this gameplay is in the top 10 most popular driving simulation games on mobile. Many different perspectives give you a real driving experience. The control interface is designed sophisticatedly, meticulously, with high perfection. Control keys, steering wheel, accelerator, brake pedal, etc…. Exactly like the real car. If in fact, you have ever driven a car, then controlling the cars in the game is extremely easy. You have passion and want to own trucks in general. Become a driver, drive large trucks to deliver goods to customers in particular. Then this is really a game that is worth your while.

Download Euro Truck Evolution Simulator Mod – An extremely attractive tractor driving simulation game

Starting the game, you will be shown a short video introducing the basic features of the game. After that, the screen will display the words: “Press ok to continue”, please accept and start the game. Set the sound settings, the console that suits you best. Euro Truck Evolution Simulator Mod has an introduction, all instructions are in Vietnamese for players to easily approach and get acquainted faster. Customize to change every viewing angle to make it easier for you to control the car. It can be in the cockpit, from above, behind the car, etc…. What I really like about this gameplay is the integration of the reverse camera. Whenever backing up or moving across the road, observing behind is extremely simple and extremely easy. When you move, you will hear many funny and attractive sounds. Such as Exhaust gas, engine sound, whistle, background music,

Euro Truck Evolution Simulator mod apk

Vehicle system

Summary of many of the most modern tractor truck models in the world is included in Euro Truck Evolution Simulator Mod. One thing I really like is that you can choose anyone you feel like completely free. Yes, the system does not require users to spend money to buy a new car. Give players a more engaging and complete experience. No need to plow hoes, take a long time to earn coins. Each car will have 1 capacity, its own special features. Please find out the information before starting the game screen. For easier control, more flexible.

Game Euro Truck Evolution Simulator mod

Control interface

As I said at the beginning, there are many different perspectives for you to choose the most suitable. At each steering angle, there will be a separate control interface. In the cabin, you will have a full range of features such as a Steering wheel, accelerator, handbrake, gearshift, camera, rearview mirror, etc. At a high viewing angle, the interface will be optimized for visibility. more open and spacious. Only the steering wheel, accelerator, brake, and gear lever are left. I think when controlling, you should choose the interface inside the cabin. It has all the features and feels like driving a real car. That’s my feeling, what angle do you like the most when experiencing? Leave a comment below to let me know.

Game Euro Truck Evolution Simulator mod hack

Style play

Euro Truck Evolution Simulator Mod has a gameplay that is not as simple as other games of the same genre. There are many tough challenges to hinder your delivery journey. Players will drive the car to move along the path shown on the map. Go to the location that the system requires to return the goods. The original car will be 100% new, every time you collide with an obstacle, other vehicles will be deducted. Try not to let the car get too badly damaged. Maintenance will cost a lot of money.

Play with friends

Euro Truck Evolution Simulator mod allows you to connect with friends, play games together easily. To differentiate between players. You can name your nick. To play with friends, you just need to enter the online game mode. Then search for the nickname of the person you want to play with and invite them into the room. In their spare time, everyone sat down together, driving trucks to transport goods to the places the system required. It will be more interesting and interesting than playing alone.

Euro Truck Evolution Simulator mod apk

Becoming a driver of the most powerful trucks in the world is extremely easy when participating in Euro Truck Evolution Simulator. The publisher constantly updates new car models for players to satisfy their passion. Drive with your friends through all the roads, completing the tasks assigned by the system. At the same time, players can also admire and go to many places with beautiful and extremely interesting scenery. Download Euro Truck Evolution Simulator Mod to conquer all roads.

Download Euro Truck Evolution Simulator Mod APK 3.1 (Unlimited Money)

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