Evil Nun 2 Mod APK 1.1.4 (Menu, Shopping, Stupid Bot)

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Update October 14, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu, where you can enable dumb bots (they cannot kill you).

Horror games always give gamers sensational sensations. Attracted from recent years, the horror game gives players new experiences. Immerse yourself in the fear of monstrous villains. You will feel like you are immersed in a movie theater when participating. The horror movie title about a demon nun was released in 2018. The plot is based on a popular novel. Has brought a lot of interest from people all over the world. Along with that resounding success, a game based on the image of the devil nun was created. Evil Nun 2 Mod is a horror game that gives you moments of suspense and suspense. While trying to escape from the evil granny’s house. Need to be smart and move agile moves. In order not to be caught by the evil woman,

Download Evil Nun 2 Mod – Devil Nun

The game is adapted by the famous movie theater. Take the image of the main character as a nun who has been turned into a demon. With a nun’s suit in the church, but her face was horribly disfigured. Evil Nun 2 Mod is the next version of Evil Nun that was first released to the community. An improved version with a lot of features will bring you a more scary experience. Along with that, the map system in the house is made in a more diverse way. After the success of the first version was released. Now publisher Keplerians Horror Games has pleased the audience more when launching version 2. The game has been released on both Android and IOS platforms. You can download and play the game completely for free. A way to make the game much more accessible to the audience.

Evil Nun 2 Mod

The game begins

Still has the same context and gameplay as the first version. In Evil Nun 2 Mod you will have to run away in the house of the evil granny. The game’s map system has been made more extensive. There are more floors and different rooms in this house. Along with that are the features to attack this evil lady. If in the previous version, you will run away almost all to find the exit. Then in this next version, the offensive weapon system has been made in a variety of ways. You can attack this evil woman again with the equipped weapons. Like sticks, knives, or even strong acids, causing the villain to feel pain. But in return, our villain in this game will become stronger. Besides the evil woman, there are other monsters as well. Bringing players new features and greater difficulty than the previous version. A very worthwhile version for you to experience if you have ever been passionate about the first version.

Game Evil Nun 2 Mod

Graphics and sounds of the game

Evil Nun 2 Mod is still created by an extremely quality graphics set. The game is designed under the 3D game platform. Along with the first-person perspective of the character you own. It will give you real feelings and diverse viewing angles. You can really immerse yourself in the game when playing from this perspective. The game has been invested in extremely high-quality 3D graphics. Not so excellent as the computer versions. But also gave players a sense of satisfaction with their phone. The system of items in this house is made in the most authentic way. Every detail is made very carefully and looks like real life. The villain image also makes it scarier with the old version. The game’s sound system with creepy background music. With terrifying howls conveyed throughout the playtime.

Tai Evil Nun 2 Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you download this Evil Nun 2 game Mod version. If you get caught is the most terrifying ending for you. Horror images of being devoured by this evil woman. Then with the feature of this game Mod version, you will get extremely useful things. You will not be able to die even if captured by the enemy. Because your character’s immortality feature has been turned on. A feature that helps you play games more easily. With this feature, you will be able to play the game with less fear with your moves.

Download Evil Nun 2 Mod APK 1.1.4 (Menu, Shopping, Stupid Bot)

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