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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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If you are a strong, courageous, adventurous person, then Evil Nun Mod is the right choice. Evil Nun has a gameplay similar to previous horror games. In the game, you will be transformed into a boy imprisoned by a mad nun. Your job is to escape the school as fast as possible before she does some crazy things on you. The game will definitely give you moments of tension to suffocate, stimulate creativity, intelligence, thinking, and courage, giving you every moment in the game like in real hell. the.

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Evil Nun Mod takes the player into the haunted school and the important thing for the player is how to get out of there? She has a lot of extremely scary abilities, she can hear noises in school. Even if it’s just a dropped key, a lamp, everything around is managed by her. Even the slightest movement will cause her to come and imprison you immediately. If she doesn’t see you in the room anymore, she will immediately look for you in every nook and cranny, under the table, bookcase, file cabinet… will be an ideal hiding place from the evil old woman.

Evil Nun mod

If she catches you then… Pop! A headless hammer hit the head. Each time you will need to wait until the next day of the week to re-execute your escape plan. So we created Evil Nun Mod that will make you not have to see ads and fear running out of money to respawn. You’re a sophisticated player if you realize you won’t have to watch ads every time you make a sacrifice. Every time you get caught, it will be difficult to play because you are much weaker, and you know if you are arrested for the seventh time, you will be punished in the way of Satan hehe.

Puzzle style

Life is not fair, no one gives anyone anything for free. In Evil Nun Mod too, you have to escape from this sick school, you will have to solve the puzzles that the game offers to find more clues, escape, and more. Puzzles can appear anywhere in the school, by finding and using available tools such as keys, holy water… Gradually you can decipher the conundrums and discover hidden secrets. in the school for a long time.

Game Evil Nun mod

Different difficulty and ghost mode

Everything has a price, if you have passed the first escape challenge, do not be in a hurry because there are many different levels of difficulty to give players more emotional frames. Increasing the difficulty of Evil Nun Mod equates to more movement speed of the nun. It may not be difficult for you to pass the first stage, but the following stages are sure to make you sweat when experiencing the difficulty mode. There is another mode for those who are tired of long days of being hammered by her or simply uncover the mysteries behind this scary school ‘ghost mode’. When in free mode, the player can walk freely without fear of being detected because the Evil Nun will not be able to see you, perform puzzles without fear of her detection.


Because it is an offline game, Evil Nun Mod is not as powerful as online games and is not necessarily good in this regard. However, with the original colorful horror mixed with simplicity, it is more than enough for such a game to make players shiver. Evil Nun with its realistic and creepy first-person gameplay style plus creepy ghostly sound, haunting players from the beginning to the end throughout the game will definitely make players go from this emotional stage. to another emotional hierarchy. What the game can do that is hard for other games to do with a small amount of space that the game makes the player feel good and scared enough.

Tai Evil Nun mod

Scary secrets

When you are locked in such a school, the first priority is to get out of there as soon as possible. It seems that our lives are full of interesting things, always needing to be discovered. Not only in our lives but also in Hack Evil Nun, it seems that there is something more terrible in the basement laundry room. It’s a ghost graveyard, is it some other plot or is it a way out? That, you go into the game yourself and try to experience every mode that it comes back to.

Evil Nun Mod is the first choice for you if you are looking for a horror game. With many features that have given you a lot of emotions, it is a horror game, violent but also needs the ability to reason and intelligence, this is a great choice. No ads will give you the feeling of playing the game without being inhibited after every attempt to not get caught. Gold coins are indispensable items in every game, especially those of game developer Keplerians Horror Games. If you are alone at home in the middle of the night, Gameplay will be a very bad choice. The point of Evil Nun Mod is that you can’t do anything to her. Hope you can decode the game soon.

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