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EvoCreo Mod is an idle role-playing game. Takes you into a huge world, in a classic RPG space. Roleplay as an animal trainer. Your mission is to collect and train the animals you own. Simultaneously participate in dramatic animal battles. Compete against other players in live mode. Or you can experience it in offline game mode. No need to connect to the network, you can still adventure and explore everything in the fantasy world. Currently, according to the game publisher infinity provides. To be able to explore and conquer every challenge in the game. It will take you about 30+ hours of gameplay. However, before embarking on this exciting adventure. You need to spend a small amount of money to pay the fee, then you can download it.

Download EvoCreo Mod – Conquer Monsters To Become An Animal Trainer

Play as an animal trainer to start entering the world of EvoCreo Mod. With extensive gameplay, you can move freely, too many different locations. Get to meet other NPCs throughout the adventure. Meet and chat with them to complete the quest. Each NPC character plays a different role. They can be the guide to new tasks. Or provide the necessary items for you to use. As soon as you meet the first NPC character. After chatting with them, you will receive a pet. That will be the companion with the character in the journey to conquer the challenges. Move around in the open world, discover many mysterious locations. At the same time have the opportunity to find many valuable items.Game EvoCreo Mod

More than 170 monsters

In the world of EvoCreo Mod, there are more than 170 monsters for you to conquer. They appear in many different locations. May appear in groves or in deserted forests. Sometimes, you even have to fight the beast at the request of the NPC character. During your journey, you will randomly encounter. Then, through battles with animals, after defeating, you can conquer. Each beast has a unique appearance, with its own fighting ability. Depending on the level of each animal, represented by the number of stars. The more stars, the stronger the beast’s fighting ability. Makes you encounter a lot of difficulties in the process of defeating, as well as conquering.EvoCreo Mod

The process of the battle of beasts

The battle with the monsters in EvoCreo Mod is turn-based. When entering the arena, your pet will fight monsters. The two beasts will take turns attacking with skills. Your task is to choose the right skill for your beast, every time it is your turn. Attacks enemies with special skills, dealing massive damage. It is also possible to use items during the battle. Help your pet can recover a certain amount of health. The battle will stop when one of the two beasts runs out of health, no longer fighting. The beast that remains firmly in the arena will win. To be able to defeat monsters in battles. Your beast will have to attack with high damage skills. That will depend on your ability to train the animal.Ears EvoCreo Mod

Online game mode, PvP battle

Via EvoCreo Mod’s online mode. Players can participate in multiplayer battles. Can challenge other animal trainers in PvP battles. Bring pets to the beginning of the dramatic school. Turn-based competition with opponents. Use the beast’s special skills to attack. Defeat your opponent’s best to win. Show off the skills of a professional animal trainer. More than that, after challenging battles with other animal trainers. Continually win with good performance. Your pet will gain experience points. Gradually can advance to new levels. Over time, pets can evolve to the ultimate level.Download EvoCreo Mod

EvoCreo Mod uses classic Pixel RPG graphics. Recreate a huge open world, with lots of action going on. An impressive environment with the setting unfolding in the forest and in the houses. Especially the unique effect during the battles in the arena. Sunlight falling from the sky, the effects of the beasts’ skills. Combined with classical music melodies are shown throughout the playing process. Promises to bring you an exciting adventure.

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