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Update October 25, 2021 (2 years ago)

Exos Heroes is about the peaceful life between humans and dragons in the medieval land of Exos. But good things do not last long when the conflict between the two species occurs. Everywhere was engulfed in the tragedy of death and suffering. To stop this terrible situation, the king of the kingdom is willing to sacrifice his life. Wishing in exchange for peace and happiness for the people. This was approved by the dragons and King was gone forever with his precious sword. It is known that it is a treasure that possesses boundless power. Therefore, the evil people are trying to find out to achieve the goal of harming the good people. Join the gameplay you play as Zeon, a brave, intelligent, talented hero. A person who can prevent evil forces, avoid causing tragedies like in the past. Equip yourself with modern weapons, ready to fight the enemy. On the way collect information about the treasure sword to quickly find it. Practice regularly to master character control and improve combat skills.

Download Exos Heroes Mod – The journey to find the treasure sword, not to fall into the hands of evil forces

Exos Heroes Mod has simple gameplay, character control is not too complicated. So only with the first battle was able to adapt, understand all the rules, how to fight. You will use the Joystick on the screen to help move the hero flexibly anywhere. When meeting an enemy, touch the attack button with your hand to unleash a series of moves to defeat them. However, the enemy can also respond with powerful damage. Therefore, you must simultaneously press the defense button in combination with moving the character continuously. In this life-and-death battle, intelligence and determination are essential. Take advantage of the enemy’s weakness, deliver a critical strike, finish quickly. In order not to consume too much physical strength, save time. Along the way, collect talented warriors, build your own team. Because the road ahead is extremely difficult, dangerous. Furthermore, more and more enemies appear. Need support from them to be able to destroy all easily, complete the task quickly. Collect valuable items along the way, helping the character fight better.

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Team building

Enemies are extremely numerous, strong, it is not easy to defeat them. To ensure life safety to the end and secure victory. Players need to build their own powerful and elite team. Gameplay gathers hundreds of talented warriors, all kinds of professions. For example Swordsman, archer, gladiator, mage, etc. Each has its own moves and strengths. Contributing to making the squad more diverse, freely creating unique fighting styles and tactics. Practice often together to coordinate better, exploiting the maximum strength of each character.

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Players will be overwhelmed by the massive and rich inventory of equipment in Exos Heroes Mod. First of all, there are powerful and destructive weapons such as spears, swords, bows and arrows, hammers, magic staff, etc. They help players destroy enemies easily and quickly. Choose for yourself the type of weapon you like, fit your hand, and match your strengths. In addition, the system will provide a series of items to protect the hero’s body and improve survivability. For example Armor, hats, shoes, medicine, map, etc.

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Perform mission

Exos Heroes Mod owns hundreds of levels with many attractive missions. For players to comfortably conquer and explore. The work throughout is still fighting, besides the system will provide some side challenges such as: collecting information about the sword from the monks, participating in PvP matches, fighting bosses, etc. Each mission All bring a sense of endless fun, stimulating your curiosity. After each level, the hero is upgraded in strength and damage and resistance stats. Get more top-notch combat skills to confidently conquer harder levels. Let’s quickly gather information to find the treasure sword.

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What impresses players, at first sight, is the beautiful graphics. Designed with 3D configuration to help observe every scene completely and clearly. Every detail and image is carefully built. Bright, harmonious colors help simulate the magical world more vividly and realistically. The location of the battle is rich, with many beautiful and magnificent scenes. Create extremely cute and attractive Anime-style characters. The sound is diverse, clear by the sound of weapons touching each other, creatures, people, etc. Light, vibrant, dramatic background music changes depending on the battle situation.

With a meaningful storyline, Exos Heroes gives players a rewarding and exciting adventure. Being able to promote creativity, fighting skills, smart thinking before unexpected circumstances. Invite friends and colleagues to form a team. Conquer difficult copies, collect valuable rewards, become the most outstanding team. Download Exos Heroes Mod to fight to protect the peaceful life of Exos kingdom.

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