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When you want to challenge yourself to live in a harsh and dangerous environment. Come to Experiment Z has all you need. Gameplay takes the player to a deserted island. This place has almost been invaded by zombies, the number of people living is very rare. As the lucky survivor, you will use your instincts to survive here. Use everything you learn to find food, water, and a safe place to live. There are zombies everywhere if they detect you are human. Surely they will soon be attacked by them. So, let’s collect weapons, sturdy armor to be ready to fight them. Not only that, but you also have to face opponents who are trying to attack you to steal all food and weapons. It can be said that the task of the player is extremely arduous and difficult. Just have to find necessities to survive and at the same time have to run away from bloodthirsty zombies and destroy opponents. The gameplay has engaging gameplay along with a meaningful plot. It will give players a rewarding and unforgettable experience.

Download Experiment Z Mod – Survival journey on a dangerous desert island

Every day that passes in Experiment Z Mod will be extremely difficult. The line between life and death is very thin. Players can’t just leave life like that. At all costs must find a way to survive to the end. Move your character everywhere to search for food and self-defense weapons such as knives and guns. Let’s show how much human potential to survive. Build yourself a safe, secret shelter. On this large island, the source of raw materials is extremely rich. Quickly collect them and use them to research and create explosives. Because the zombies are very crowded, you need an optimal solution to fight them. Nothing is better and faster than dynamite. When you have carefully prepared everything, you will be ready for a fight to regain your free life. Try to destroy all enemies, become the last survivor. You will be the master of the island and have total dominion.

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Collect weapons

A long time ago, this island was a land of scientific research and weaponry. But due to the weather factor, a passing storm ruined everything and became a pile of rubble. But some guns with high damage are still left and scattered everywhere. You will have to search and collect them all yourself. Especially the recipe for making explosives was researched and hidden by a scientist. You must find out quickly before falling into the wrong hands. This is a tool to help you destroy the enemy easily, do not miss the opportunity.

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Revealing survival skills

Players can create their own food sources by hunting and gathering. Surely you will have an abundant supply of food quickly. In addition, there will be one more important thing that is to build a place for yourself. Having a safe place to rest will rest assured not to be afraid of zombie attacks. Collect materials to create a house such as Wood, bamboo, coconut leaves or palm, etc. You will have a satisfactory house with designs made by your own hands. In particular, you can create traps around the house to fight wild animals and enemies that are lurking.

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Dramatic battle with the enemy

Players cannot let their character stay hidden in their base forever. The zombies will one day find out and pull together to destroy and attack you. So prepare carefully from weapons to combat skills. Lure them all together and with pre-set explosives. Just press the trigger button, let them disintegrate. Not only zombies, but you also have to deal with opponents whose goal is to become the last survivor. They are all experienced and very scheming. To be able to defeat all players, it is necessary to have a methodical strategy combined with an infinite ammo gun in hand. Kill them one by one and until the whole island is left to you alone.

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Explore the island and experience the graphics

Although the island has suffered from natural disasters. But the scenery here is still very beautiful and full of life. Players will discover strange creatures that have never been seen before. This is not only a survival journey anymore but also a useful trip for you. Everything in the gameplay is felt in the most authentic way. It is thanks to the quality of graphics brought. Players can observe from many perspectives. The character controls are extremely smooth. Rich and dynamic sound. Soft, melodious background music helps players make the search more comfortable.

Experiment Z gives players the experience to survive and fight. And have the opportunity to experience life in harsh circumstances with empty hands. Feel free to show off the survival skills you’ve learned. Download Experiment Z Mod survival journey on a deserted island, destroy enemies, become the last survivor and have total dominion.

Download Experiment Z Mod APK 2.15 (Menu, Immortality/Free Shopping, unlimited ammo)

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