Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod APK 6.1.53 (Menu, Unlocked, Immortality)

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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Unlock them all


  • All paid game content unlocked (all missions, game modes, maps, and characters are available to choose from);
  • Ads are not displayed;
  • Only in [Unlocked / Immortal] fashion: enemies don’t kill you;
  • Only in mod [Unlocked / immortality]: eyes as big as limbs.

Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod is an adventure game that takes players on exciting adventures. You become a thief, specializing in breaking into houses in the middle of the night to steal valuables. During a break into a mysterious mansion, noticing an anomaly, you quickly find a way to escape. However, the mansion is like a maze with no way out, you run everywhere to find your way out. The game has a horror survival style, players will step into dramatic chases. Here, you have to face the ghosts, they will chase and kill you at any time. Therefore, you must quickly find a way out to save your life.

Download Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod – Discover the Mysterious Mansion

Background of Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod opens in a large mansion. This was once the residence of a wealthy family, but for some unknown reason, they left this mansion. Maybe due to a certain reason, the villa sank into a gloomy space. Everything inside is very scary, the sounds are scary and many phenomena like being haunted. Pictures were painted on the walls, furniture in the rooms in a state of disarray. It is now abandoned and is the target of many thieves. There are many valuable items inside, if you are lucky enough to steal them, you will become rich.Download Eyes Scary Thriller Mod

Protect your life from ghosts

Join Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod you will discover the mysterious mansion. All work has been planned, you just need to move to each location in the villa to complete the task. The ghosts in the mansion are your biggest obstacle. Even if you are a professional thief, it is not allowed to take away valuables when they appear. If unfortunately for them to detect, you will be chased and become the next ghost in the mansion. So, in addition to completing the assigned task, you also have to protect your life. In this mansion, there is no other human life but you. So you can stay here as long as you like, but the longer you stay, the more dangerous your life will be.Eyes Scary Thriller Mod

Search the pocket and use the map

The mysterious mansion in Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod, was once inhabited by a rich family, possessing a huge fortune. So there will be a lot of valuable items hidden. In the process of exploring the mansion, you can search and collect money bags. After you have collected enough bags, you need to confirm the completion of the quest, by moving to the previously marked door. As mentioned above, the villa is like a large maze, it will be difficult for you to determine the direction. So use the map to find a specific path. However, the map is only a support tool, the main factor is still based on your super thief skills.Game Eyes Scary Thriller Mod

Find ways to avoid ghosts

Your biggest enemies are ghosts, they hide in the dark. For some reason, anyone who stepped foot into this mansion was teased and murdered by them. Maybe those ghosts want anyone who comes here, to suffer the terrible things they have been through. Enter the mansion as a thief, so you have no excuse for your wrongdoing. However, you can use a support tool like Eye Runes to detect the location of the ghost. That helps you to collect the coin bags easily and avoid meeting the ghosts. But nothing is absolutely certain, if unfortunately discovered, you quickly run away from the pursuit. Ghosts often appear in dark areas and hidden corners, you should limit going there to minimize the possibility of being detected.Ear Eyes Scary Thriller Mod

As soon as you step into Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod, a horror scene appears in front of you. An abandoned mansion, causing a lot of furniture inside to be old over time. From scary scenes, the walls are hung with horror pictures, disturbing objects to cold rooms. Especially the ghosts, they lurk in the dark and will attack you at any time. Along with the horror background music, create a scary sound. That makes the player even more excited, mixed with fear and suspense. Besides, you can control the character simply. Just perform touches and swipes on the screen, to move the character and choose the corresponding actions.

Download Eyes: Scary Thriller Mod APK 6.1.53 (Unlocked, Immortality)

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