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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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The face of War: PvP Shooter Mod is an action game released by GDCompany with a very attractive shooting style. Released in 2021, the game is a very singing game because of the interesting gameplay, you will enter a classic world full of drama when participating in battles. Besides, the game has received many reviews and downloads from all over the world. Currently, the game is developed based on iOS and Android platforms, making it easy for players to access and download for free on the App Store and Google Play applications. Especially when you download the Mod with unlimited money, you will have the most attractive experience when participating.

Download Face of War: PvP Shooter Mod – Online Shooting PvP

The scene takes place in an old town, where the forces are competing directly with each other, making everything completely upside down. Not only that, but they also organized illegal missions and caused great losses for the country. Realizing that the danger would increase without government intervention, so they sent out an elite army. Including carefully trained warriors and passed the fierce tests. Join Face of War: PvP Shooter Mod, the player will become a warrior sent by the government and destroy all the illegal enemies with his teammates.Tai Face of War PvP Shooter Mod

The match is fierce

Are you ready to enter a world full of bombs and experience fierce battles with enemy factions? The face of War: PvP Shooter Mod brings players to exciting online PvP battles, with other players competing and competing. Especially a suitable strategy with a perfect combination with teammates to win against the enemy. Or experience gun battles in World War I style. Set a goal for yourself and complete the outstanding mission to become the champion gunner of the game.

Smart tactics

The control system of the Hack Face of War is quite simple, even if you are a new player can quickly get acquainted with this interesting play. The left side of your screen displays a circular virtual key used to move the character to the positions you want, the right side of the screen displays the virtual keys for you to use such as bullets to shoot the target. , gun image to change weapons and a number of other icons will appear for you to use. In addition, players must also pay attention to the amount of ammunition available to them and the remaining health to fight.Face of War PvP Shooter Mod

Interesting gameplay

The gameplay of the game Face of War: PvP Shooter Mod is very important to the tactical factor because you will participate in dramatic team battles. Also, skill is a big factor and it directly affects your battle, gunmen will not forgive you and only a small mistake will make you lie down. So, through each match, always develop your skills and improve tactics as well as the ability to shoot bullets, control the enemy to fear.

Weapon system

For players to have a more engaging experience Face of War: PvP Shooter Mod provides a massive weapon system and diverse in genres. Includes rifles, pistols, submachine guns, sniper rifles, or high-destructive grenades. Each weapon has its own characteristics and you need to learn to exploit its full potential and use them appropriately. For example, a sniper rifle with the advantage of firing from a long distance, but not maneuverable so find a high position with many hidden corners and wait for the opportunity to defeat the enemy with just one bullet and head. Or rifles with high maneuverability, used in lane positions to quickly destroy the enemy.Game Face of War PvP Shooter Mod


In addition to an arsenal of ammunition, Face of War: PvP Shooter Mod also owns a lot of colorful and diverse costumes for players to choose from. After completing the task, the player will receive an amount corresponding to the achievement achieved in the match. Then you can unlock rare outfits and, especially, players can customize their own costumes. For example, military suits or interesting mercenary-style costumes.

Graphic design

The face of War: PvP Shooter Mod is designed with sharp 3D graphics, along with meticulous image quality to every detail, helping players have the best experience. The scene is designed in a classic style, with the same colors as the war style, giving the player a sense of authenticity, which you can see through the nooks and crannies of the neighborhood. In addition, the character shape is designed very meticulously with flexible, rhythmic movements and gestures. Combined with the top quality sound expressed through the sound of bombs.

When downloading the Mod version of the game Face of War: PvP Shooter, players will experience unlimited money. Then you can unlock the guns you love and equip your character with modern and modern weapons. Along with that is to dress up your own style outfits, make it stand out, and get inspired when you play. Entertaining games help you have relaxing moments when participating. Download the game Face of War: PvP Shooter Mod to experience the ultimate battles with your teammates.

Download Face of War Mod APK 0.6 (Unlimited Ammo, Shopping)

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