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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Fancy Cafe is a game for those who love and dream of becoming a professional bartender or chef. The gameplay is a simulation of a luxurious and splendid cafe. Very suitable for people who love design and business. Here you will show your creativity and ingenuity. In the game, there are also many challenges and tasks set. There are also interesting stories surrounding your character. Initially, with a small amount of capital, players can only open a small coffee shop. But if you try your best and come up with reasonable business strategies, making money will no longer be a problem. When you have a certain source of income, you can expand the area of ​​the shop. Turn it into a splendid sumptuous restaurant. Invest in many new services to earn more such as Cinema right at the shop, animal claw machine,

Download Fancy Cafe Mod – Become a high-class restaurant owner

The 3D graphics are designed with a top-down perspective. Gameplay lets players see the whole restaurant. Convenient for control. Fancy Cafe Mod is full of elements like a real restaurant. Such as The gardens, the surrounding houses, the place to cook and socialize with people. Explore this novel game the way you want. Surely you will be surprised at the uniqueness and fun that it brings. Make this life more meaningful at Fancy Cafe Mod. In the game, you are the main chef, cooking food and making coffee for customers. However, the work is not always smooth. Just one minute of neglect to turn off the gas, your kitchen can catch fire immediately. Calling for help will cost a lot of money and of course include the fee to repair the room. Although you need to work fast, you also have to be very careful. Otherwise, all earned money will dissipate in a short time.

Fancy Cafe mod

Repair and Renovate

The original restaurant you get will not be perfect and there are many places left unfinished. Look closely and fix them beautifully. The system will provide players with cleaning and construction tools to renovate. You need to use them appropriately and effectively. In addition, you can also design the details according to your preferences. Arrange the restaurant layout accordingly. Create attractiveness for customers. This job is quite difficult, it requires the utmost patience and ingenuity of the player. You have to work hard and have the right tactics to make your restaurant more popular and grow more and more in the future.

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Restaurant decoration

The appearance of the restaurant is entirely up to your taste. Let’s design them to be unique, bring a new and unique style. Turn this place into a splendid luxury, attracting customers to experience it. The eye-catching decoration is also a criterion for people to rate the restaurant 5 stars. Even the cups or dishes need to have their own beauty. So invest in them a lot to impress customers. In addition, you can also create and decorate the necessary items yourself. Your creativity will be fully expressed in the game. Show your unique style in Fancy Cafe Mod.

Fancy Cafe mod

Learn more recipes

In addition to delicious and beautiful ways to make coffee, there are recipes for famous dishes. You need to learn and follow the instructions to achieve the desired results. Create delicious coffee cups and dishes that make customers fall in love. Fancy Cafe Mod has a menu list for everyone to choose from. The player’s task is to make the required dishes. If the customer is satisfied, you will be rated 5 stars. When enough stars will be promoted to higher levels. Help to open more services.

Discover the character’s fascinating story

Players will transform into Kate, the owner of a coffee restaurant. There will be many special characters appearing here. You will talk to them and make the right decisions. Each choice will lead to a different outcome. Influencing the development of the restaurant. So think carefully and make the wisest decision. There are also mini puzzles. Complete all the challenges and find out the secrets behind them. Discover more about Kate’s life and many other interesting stories.

Fancy Cafe mod apk

With a unique storyline and attractive graphics. Fancy Cafe gives players the most relaxing feeling. This is a game that is quite suitable for those who are passionate about business and love lightness. Make your restaurant better than ever. Download Fancy Cafe Mod to become the #1 businessman, making the best food and drinks. Satisfy all demanding customers.

Download Fancy Cafe Mod APK 3.0 (Unlimited Money)

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