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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Let’s explore the mysterious world with FantasyHeroes and fight to destroy the forces of darkness. Evil is always around each of us. So it takes heroes to stand up to destroy them. Players will transform into brave warriors holding the most advanced weapons to destroy evil. In the mobile game market, the fighting genre is quite popular. FantasyHeroes is also one of the games of this genre and is well received by many. The graphics and colors in the game are very unique and beautiful. The publisher is meticulous to every detail so that players get the most authentic feeling. Vibrant, powerful sound suitable for combat situations. Cheer up the spirit of the warriors when participating in the fight. Every time gamers go to battle, they need to create their own smart tactics. Equip the best protective gear.

Download FantasyHeroes Mod – Become a brave warrior

When entering the game, you will be tasked with managing an army. Train and turn them into the most powerful squad. The forces of darkness are always waiting for an opportunity to defeat us. Pick up your weapons, recharge them and start your journey to destroy them. Gameplay has a fairly simple control system, just a few operations that you can move the character. Perform skills by clicking on the corresponding box on the right of the screen. Fight while discovering special skills only in FantasyHeroes Mod. Defeat all the monsters that are invading the Earth. Show them your strength and wisdom. Pick up items dropped from enemy corpses to equip yourself. It can be money, gold, or if you are lucky, you can also get rare items that not everyone can own. With sharp images,

FantasyHeroes mod

Defeat the monster of the night

The peaceful village of the people here is now sealed by the dark forces, killing many innocent people. The mission of the warriors is to destroy them, not to let them enchant any more people. But to defeat all those creatures must be those with superior magic. Each character in the game has different functions, depending on the case we can change it to suit the match. Monsters also have many types, they can attack near, far, and even release energy rays that make you petrify. So choosing the right character in each battle is very important. Control your army to do everything to let the enemy fall into the trap and be destroyed. Use your magic to seal them in the abyss forever.

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Various weapons and equipment systems

In addition to using magic, weapons are also an effective aid in combat. With a diverse weapon system, players can choose to match the energy of the character they control. There is also some common equipment such as Armor, shield, helmet, etc. Gamers will receive more valuable items when winning the matches. Or you can also receive a bonus, use it to further upgrade your weapons and equipment. This has the effect of increasing damage, combined with a skill with great destructive power, you will defeat the enemy more easily. Players can also open treasure chests after defeating giant monsters, using those items to upgrade themselves. When at a higher level you will have a change in appearance and color.

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Rich characters

Characters in FantasyHeroes Mod are quite diverse. They can be Taoists, archers, or magicians, etc. Each has a different skill. The monk used a spell to distract the monster. Archers will use arrows that deal damage from a distance. And magicians with superior magic will temporarily seal the enemy. So that you have time to attack them consecutively without encountering resistance. When participating in combat, players can manually arrange the order of the characters according to their strong fighting style. But a balanced formation is very important in every battle. It is also considered a tactic to conserve energy. Make the wisest decisions to destroy all monsters. Become undefeated warriors.

FantasyHeroes mod apk for android

The journey in the world of FantasyHeroes is full of interesting things. Let’s explore new lands together. Meet many new friends, work together to destroy the forces of darkness. Help people’s villages return to fun and affluent as before. Explore ancient treasures, abandoned arenas and find where the giant monster hides. Use magic to destroy them, not giving them a chance to harm innocent people. Download FantasyHeroes Mod owns many talented heroes and brings peace to mankind.

Download FantasyHeroes Mod APK 1.09 (Unlimited Money)

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