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Update October 13, 2021 (2 years ago)

1. Unlimited Money
2. Unlimited Diamonds
(Never decrease when using them)

You wish to one day step foot to explore a large farm or be curious about the daily work of a working farmer. It is difficult to describe and imagine if you were not born and raised there. If you are still dreaming of one day you will build a large farm by yourself. Come to Farm Dream where you can make your dreams come true. Unlike other farm games, the gameplay has a very unique style. It has tons of exciting features, friendly construction graphics suitable for all ages, along realistic sound like in real life. There will recreate the work to be done of a farmer. Gradually you will learn and find out how you can develop your model further.

Download Farm Dream Mod – Start farming

Starting as an ordinary farmer, the capital will only be enough to be able to do the necessary work. Initially, we will start to build our project. Breeding livestock and poultry thoughtfully so that they produce good and safe products when reaching consumers. This will build credibility in the hearts of people. Just a light touch on the screen you can move and do all the things you want. Manage, build a farm in any free time. Try every day so that your property quickly becomes spacious and growing. The player can then buy more plots of land to grow crops. Build more factories to create products for consumers. Use the items received when doing the task such as hammer, ax to cut trees for wood. At the same time, it also expands the area for the farm. There are many things in Farm dream Mod for you to explore. Let’s start coming to this interesting and fascinating world right now.

Farm Dream mod

Happy town building

Surely you have never thought that a farm game can build a big city. That is completely possible when you have come to Farm Dream Mod. Do not simply manage and build your own farm. As a friendly farmer, you can help people build and manage their farms. Manage and develop your own city to become more prosperous and better. Surely you will feel happy to see your residents lead a happy life filled with laughter. An exemplary manager sometimes encounters many difficulties, but don’t worry because there are many suggestions from the system. It will help you complete the tasks faster.

Farm Dream mod apk

Grow different types of plants

Players can refer to and choose different crops to plant and harvest such as tomatoes, raisins, lemons, apples, etc. Those plants will produce results after a while you maintain care. take care of them. There are many more seeds on display and for sale in stores. Choose the plants you like to grow on your farm. The products after harvesting are sold at the shop, it can bring you a huge amount of money. Expand the land area to grow many different species of trees. Always take care of them to harvest in the fastest time.

Farm Dream game mod

Breeding some animals

In addition to growing agricultural products, players can build more barns to raise livestock. Some animals are specialized and produce high-yield products such as Cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, etc. Harvesting results to serve processing factories such as eggs, milk, meat, etc. produced in large quantities, cannot be solved all. Trade on the market or trade with other players. A model of a clean farm with full production of your products will be extremely prestigious.

Business model upgrade

A small and simple model that certainly will not be the goal when you come to Farm Dream Mod. Doesn’t stop scaling. Take every opportunity to promote your product. Cooperate with people around, improve import and export. Signing large contracts will help players earn cyclical profits. So don’t worry too much about money. Accept all orders from local as well as city customers. Ensure the time as well as the freshness of the fruit when sold. This will build a brand in the market and people will trust you more.

Farm Dream game mod apk

When you transform into a real farmer. There are also difficulties and challenges. But try to overcome and find real joy there. Build your own giant farm. Work together with everyone, and get great results. 3D graphics with rotation, zoom. Makes it easier for players to observe and control the character. Download Farm Dream Mod build and upgrade your own farm.

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