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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Come to the simulation game of Farming PRO 3 Mod. Players have fun moments on a large farm. With a series of different missions of a farmer waiting for you to explore. Drive agricultural vehicles moving on vast fields. Growing and harvesting is no longer a matter of manpower or difficulty. The agricultural vehicles will be your special assistant in the process of developing the farm. The game simulates an extremely attractive agricultural farming process. Each task is divided into many different jobs. In particular, your main task is to drive cars with different roles to do work. Enjoy a fascinating adventure as a real farmer.

Download Farming PRO 3 Mod – Grow Farms By Different Means

Farming PRO 3 Mod is the 3rd version in the series of Farming PRO games by developer Mageeks Apps & Games. The game has had a lot of noticeable improvements, with new features added. From sharp 3D graphics, realistic sounds to unique cars. Combined with weather conditions is happening in real-time. What’s more, is the realistic simulated gameplay revolving around the work of a farmer. Drive agricultural vehicles with different roles to do the duty. The map is designed to expand, giving you the freedom to move with agricultural vehicles. Not only farming on farmland, but you can also go to large towns. Trade and trade with other players, reaping huge profits from many food crops.Download Farming PRO 3 Mod

Wide range of jobs and appropriate media use

Farming PRO 3 Mod’s mission system is all related to the use of vehicles. You become a real farmer, with the task of developing farmland. Use vehicles designed specifically for the agricultural industry to start the development process. Drive to harvest food crops in the vast field. Use the trailer to carry the harvested food to the warehouse. Then drive the harrow to loosen the soil and continue to sow the seeds. Take care, water, and fertilizer to grow food crops. The mission in the game is simulated in a real farming process. From sowing seeds, tending to harvest. Everything is performed in sequence. In particular, each job requires a suitable means. Because the land you cultivate is very large, using the means to do farming saves you time.Farming PRO 3 Mod

Breeding animals, weather conditions

Besides growing food crops, you also have to raise animals such as buffalo, cows, pigs, and horses. Build stables, take advantage of available food products to nourish them. Wait until the day of release, you can sell it. From there you will earn a lot of money. In the process of developing the farm of Farming PRO 3 Mod, you need to pay attention to some issues. Weather conditions can affect the growth of animals and plants. Or the occasional care will make animals and plants grow unstable. Moreover, you can harvest trees to expand the farm. Option to use chainsaw or hand saw to cut down large trees. However, using a hand saw will be ineffective and very time-consuming.Game Farming PRO 3 Mod

Trade with other farmers in town

In addition to developing farmland of Farming PRO 3 Mod. You also have to find a way to profit from growing food crops and raising livestock. Use special vehicles to transport the products you create. Drive to the large town, where many other merchants and farmers gather. Gives you the opportunity to sell your products for a profit. Trade with other players to sell products. Buy the necessary items to facilitate the development of the farm. What’s more, you can learn from other farmers’ farming experiences. Draw lessons to apply to the development of their agricultural land.Tai Farming PRO 3 Mod

Owning a diverse vehicle system with more than 60 unique vehicles. Typically harvest trucks, tractors, cargo trucks, and many more vehicles are waiting for you to discover. Each vehicle in Farming PRO 3 Mod is designed specifically for the farming industry. With extremely realistic and realistic simulated looks and roles. However, you cannot use them for free. Instead, it takes money to unlock. Use the money accumulated from trading the products after the harvest. Unlock new vehicles that will help you be more productive. Besides, the sound of each car is very realistic. Make you feel like you are driving a real-life car to do work.

Download Farming PRO 3 Mod APK 1.2 (Free Shopping)

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