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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Do you want to experience a new game, created based on a combination of racing and shooting games? Fastlane: Road to Revenge Mod, developed by Space Ape is the result of that combination. You will be piloted on a vehicle that could be an airplane, but more commonly Cars are fitted with a weapon system that fires bullets. Participate in racing at high speed but must always shoot, causing the vehicles in front to be destroyed. Using driving skills, quickly follow the cars in front so that bullets are fired continuously, causing damage to the vehicles. Destroy the cars as quickly as possible because not careful you may have to end the game yourself.

Download Fastlane: Road to Revenge Mod – Fiery Race Track

You see that normal vehicles like Cars, usually only used for travel or transportation, but in Fastlane: Road to Revenge Mod, the vehicles have other things. The vehicles in the game will become monsters on the road. They are fitted with all kinds of different weapons that fire all kinds of bullets in different structures. On the way you have to race to keep up with the speed of the cars ahead, they have the bar of blood. With the weapon able to fire bullets continuously control the vehicle so that they can shoot more on other vehicles. Destroy the vehicles by demonstrating your ability to move the vehicle. Use timely reflexes to avoid enemy damage, and keep attacking at the same time.Fastlane Road to Revenge Mod

Dangerous Enemies

Fastlane: Road to Revenge Mod, takes players to fight the enemy and face many other cars. The cars hide distant crocodiles, dangerous criminals are on the run. Using driving skills, quickly speed up using weapons equipped to attack to prevent them from escaping. Besides, you can not crash into their vehicle, or go to the end because they may attack again. Avoid enemy attacks, prevent the escape of other vehicles to prevent them from completing their mission, find out who is behind pulling the rope.Tai Fastlane Road to Revenge Mod

Challenging Proficiency

Your skills will have to be very skilled before you can continue to participate in Fastlane: Road to Revenge Mod. Because you need to use your full driving ability. Since players have to deal with countless dangerous predators ready to destroy them, you must also avoid obstacles on the road at high speed. Or if you have confidence in yourself, you can play against enemies from all over the world. Participating in racing tournaments with increasing difficulty always requires alertness while playing the game. Challenge you to see where you are, trying to become the highest-ranking glorious person at the top.Dowload Fastlane Road to Revenge Mod

Vehicle System, Weapon

A racing game is indispensable for vehicles with high-speed mobility. Hack Fastlane: Road to Revenge has an entire fleet of vehicles with 20 units with a new texture. Not only can you collect cars, but you can also upgrade these cars to increase their functionality. Each vehicle also has its own weapons system with each vehicle having a different shape. Or there is also a support weapon with extremely large attack power, giving you the most to destroy enemy vehicles. Those are UAVs with 10 types of shapes as well as projectiles that have been changed to be put in different matches to suit.Game Fastlane Road to Revenge Mod

Fastlane: Road to Revenge Mod will have things to buy that you need to have a large amount of money. Unlimited Money Mod helps you to solve those problems. With in-game money, then you can buy yourself the necessary vehicles to help you win easily. If you like you can buy all the cars in the game to create a collection of your choice. Or you do not even have to worry about not having money to buy a pacifier, now you can buy any type of breast if you like. Vehicles that need to be upgraded can be fully upgraded to maximize the odds of winning.

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