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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Fighters Club Mod is an action game, inspired by the sport of Boxing. However, the developer has changed your battle with completely new content. No more fighting in the ring, surrounded by cheers from the audience. Your battlegrounds are now located in various areas of the neighborhood. Opponents are criminals in each area. Beat them with your skills to win. Besides, the game provides you with a map to observe and track each opponent’s position. With a different amount of bonuses in each area, the same difficulty. This helps you have moments of entertainment through hand-to-hand battles. Compete with your opponents in dramatic battles.

Download Fighters Club Mod – Defeat Criminals To Restore Neighborhood Order

The gameplay of the Fighters Club Mod game takes place in 1vs1 style. Through the map that the game provides, you can grasp the situation of the area you want. Unleash a surprise match by attacking your opponent in hand-to-hand combat. Make the opponent not have time to prepare in advance. Your opponents are notorious criminals, possessing skillful fighting skills. Your mission is to defeat each opponent in each area. Win convincingly against your opponents and get valuable bonuses. Each area shows the available amount of money you can get. This means that the difficulty of each area will be different. The higher the bonus amount, the stronger the opponent. If you want to win, you need to have great fighting skills. Which can only be learned from battle.Dowload Fighters Club Mod

The scene in the neighborhood

The context of Fighters Club Mod opens in a neighborhood. This is a gathering place for criminals. With the appearance of gangsters. All of them have affected the security and culture of the neighborhood. Make this place not as peaceful as before. The police in this neighborhood cannot deal with the cases that happen every day. Because there are too many criminals, especially the powerful forces behind them. The special thing is that the criminals in the neighborhood seem to be martial artists. Can be close and skilled in combat. Therefore, it is very difficult to catch these criminals. Join the game, you appear as a mysterious hero. With the task of defeating the criminals to restore the order of the neighborhood.Game Fighters Club Mod

The course of the match

Enter the battle of Fighters Club Mod. You and your opponent fight hand-to-hand with your own skills. Move flexibly during the match to attack or dodge. Flexible combination of foot or hand attack skills to make the opponent lose blood. At the same time, agile defense block the opponent’s attacks. Depends on the game situation. Using the right skills will help you defeat your opponents. The fight lasts until you or your opponent are completely exhausted. The other person will win and get the bonus.Fighters Club Mod

Control system

The control mechanism of Fighters Club Mod is quite simple. Similar to other 1vs1 fighting action games. Players use joystick virtual keys to move the character. The right side of the screen displays icons about the character’s combat skills such as legs, arms, and shields. Each skill is used for its own purpose, helping the human to perform actions in battle. For example, the shield icon helps the character to defend. Hand and foot icons for the character to attack opponents with powerful punches or kicks.

Learn new skills

Although the control system of Fighters Club Mod is designed quite simply. But the use of combat skills is extremely diverse. You can combine controls according to each skill to create different attacks. Through the skill list in the game, you can see the details of the character’s combat skills. At the same time, the system provides detailed instructions on how to perform each skill. With a lot of different fighting skills. Shown through attacks from hands, feet, and agility skills. However, it takes money to learn. Going through the matches, you save bonuses to unlock.Tai Fighters Club Mod

Fighters Club Mod’s graphics are impressively designed in 3D. Realistic image quality, recreating areas of the city. Specifically, the nooks and crannies, where the matches take place. Character movement effects during combat are very realistic. Flexible movements, with realistic punching and kicking actions. Match the sound to each character’s actions. Help you have an interesting experience in the battle to restore order in the neighborhood.

Download Fighters Club Mod APK 0.4.3 (Unlocked)

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