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Update October 15, 2021 (2 years ago)


  • God Mode
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  • Energy does not decrease
  • Money increases when you use diamonds to buy gold

When it comes to YEMA, it must be mentioned that the game Final Destiny – Beyond the End of the World has made the name of this publisher. Belongs to the genre of fantasy role-playing game fighting monsters. You will play the role of a warrior girl, a child of the sun god. Her sister was taken away by monsters. They are threatening and threatening the heroine. She kept her spirits up and started planning to rescue her younger brother. The dark forces certainly won’t let the girl find her sister easily. They constantly create traps, send troops to surround and attack you. Along the way, you will see many power stones. Collect them all to upgrade your equipment. Hunting for rare items, you will get a lot of advantages to get closer to rescuing your sister.

Download Final Destiny – Beyond the End of the World Mod – Destroy all monsters and rescue your sister

The action role-playing game is extremely dramatic and attractive. Super classic wars are opened for you to confront fierce monsters. Final Destiny – Beyond the End of the World Mod creates difficult challenges on the way you are moving. In addition to the enemy, players also face many other harsh challenges. It takes a lot of calm to find the right path to help you overcome it all. The gameplay has not really excellent graphics. The classic Pixel graphics background still has many small bugs. But that does not have a big impact on the player’s experience. Control the character to move flexibly, dodging all attacks from monsters. A simple control operation, you just need to click the arrow below. Coordinate with attack buttons, reasonable defense.

Final Destiny - Beyond the End of the World mod apk


Fighting skills are extremely important to your victory. You will gain new skills through successfully solving puzzles. In this journey, rune skills are very important, indispensable. When the number of monsters appearing is too large. You need to have a fast movement speed to be able to both move and attack enemies. Slash all the monsters that appear on the screen. You need to have a smart fighting style suitable for each match. Every time you defeat a monster, you will receive a lot of valuable items. Collect them all because those things will help you conquer many new peaks. Every time you unlock a new skill, players need to spend time practicing to control more proficiently. This is also a factor for the system to classify who plays better. And of course, Highly skilled people will easily win at each level. At the same time receive favor from the system.

Game Final Destiny - Beyond the End of the World mod


The basic console is similar to other action role-playing games. You will have a scroll key on the left side of the screen. On the right side are the skills and moves of the character. Smooth coordination between moving and attacking enemies. When you see monsters appear on the phone screen, control the character to approach them. Then continuously use combos, attacks to attack them. You will see the damage in each hit displayed with red text on the screen. Each combo will deal a different amount of damage. If you want to achieve maximum damage, you need to capture information about the character’s skills. If you want to attack continuously, just hold down the sword icon. The character will slash continuously without stopping for a bit. But this should only apply to weak bosses. For strong enemies, the attack needs accurate calculation. Ensure enough damage to knock down the enemy in the shortest time possible.

Game Final Destiny - Beyond the End of the World mod hack

Collect items

Collect items and equipment to make your sister’s rescue journey easier. When you kill, defeat a level 1 monster. On them will drop gold coins and experience. Level up a bit higher, level 3 enemies when they die they will leave you with extremely valuable equipment such as Silver ling, Leather belt, Leather Hairband, etc… Along with a variety of items Other valuable and useful products. Each monster will give you a unique benefit when killing them. Learn the information and functions of each piece of equipment to be able to use and promote their full power.

Final Destiny - Beyond the End of the World mod apk

Become a warrior, the son of the sun god. Representing the light, fighting for justice. Use and combine moves and skills together to create the ultimate combo. The amount of damage caused in each attack is high or low depending on your operation. Upgrade power over time to make warriors stronger. To make the journey to destroy all monsters done quickly and easily. Download Final Destiny – Beyond the End of the World Mod overcome all difficulties, challenges, defeat the final boss.

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