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Flight Sim 2018 Mod is a simulation game developed by Ovidiu Pop. The game takes you to explore the vast sky and experience the great things of pilots. Air transport is a useful means of transportation for everyone. Imagine a distance of thousands of kilometers, if traveling by conventional means. It will take a lot of time and effort, even high risk. But if traveling by plane, that journey only takes a few hours to arrive. Inspired by air transport, the developer has designed an attractive game. Along with that, in fact, to become a pilot is the desire of many people. They have to try and work tirelessly to strive.

Download Flight Sim 2018 Mod – Operate Airplanes in Realistic 3D

Coming to Flight Sim 2018 Mod, the player will become a pilot. With the task of controlling the aircraft to go to the required locations. The most realistic flight simulation game. Help players have an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. The control system is designed meticulously and in detail. In the left corner of the screen, the gear lever is displayed to help the aircraft increase and decrease speed. Along with that are street lights and seat belts. The right side of the screen displays the steering wheel, helping the player navigate the movement of the aircraft. Combined with the screen tilt feature for safe take-off and landing. In the center of the screen are the central display panel and a radar map. Help players recognize the current position, as well as to detect obstacles.Game Flight Sim 2018 Mod

Control system

To operate an aircraft, the player will have to complete all the steps. Start from flying the plane to the runway, aligning to a safe distance. Next is increasing the throttle to help the aircraft reach the minimum speed on the runway, to take off. During takeoff, the player will have to raise the screen to help the plane fly into the sky. Once stabilized, the system will notify you to put the wheel away. Now click on the wheel icon in the right corner of the screen. Especially Flight Sim 2018 Mod allows players to observe all activities during aircraft operation. By changing the angle of view, you will enjoy wonderful moments. The player can then rotate 360 ​​degrees to experience the views of the aircraft. Besides, you can observe from inside the cockpit. With parameters,Flight Sim 2018 Mod

Unlock new planes

Besides, Flight Sim 2018 Mod provides players with a diverse mission system. Each mission will bring you new experiences. Requires the player to follow to complete the mission. After finishing the journey, the player will receive a bonus. The system will be based on the achievements you have achieved, to give the corresponding bonus. Using that money, players can unlock new planes. The game offers you a diverse aircraft system. Each aircraft is designed with its own appearance and different performance. Including the maximum speed the aircraft can achieve, or the range of movement in a given space. And the weight of the plane, along with the seats. In addition, players can manually design their own appearance for their aircraft. By changing the color,Tai Flight Sim 2018 Mod

Graphics and sound

Flight Sim 2018 Mod is graphically designed on a 3D platform. The interface is well-groomed, you can notice the time change between day and night. Diverse backgrounds, taking you to new lands. From cruising on the sea, enjoy the beautiful view of the city at night. Or cross the cold Antarctic region with snowfall, watching the sunset fall in the red sky. Everything is reproduced in the most realistic and vivid way. Even the clouds in the sky, along with the monsoon weather are clearly depicted. The aircraft is meticulously designed and realistic, which players can perceive through the on-screen controls and tools. Combined with vivid sound quality, expressed through a very realistic aircraft engine.Download Flight Sim 2018 Mod

When downloading the Mod version of the game Flight Sim 2018 players will experience the exciting unlimited money feature. Using that money, you can unlock all your favorite planes. That will help players, enjoy the best moments in a real 3D space. In addition, the game is entertaining, helping you to have moments of relaxation and comfort when participating. So download Flight Sim 2018 Mod to become a pilot. With the task of operating aircraft moving around in the vast sky.

Download Flight Sim 2018 Mod APK 3.1.3 (Unlimited Money)

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