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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Complete one level to get lots of Coins!

Flip Diving Mod is a game created based on the sport of acrobatics, jumping from a high bridge to give beautiful somersaults and then landing under the water tank. Acrobatics has been included in top sports competitions, but not everyone can try this feeling. The game developed by MotionVolt Games Ltd turns you into an acrobatic athlete, trying to experience a subject that is difficult to perform or try in real life. Because it is quite dangerous to jump from a great height and must land safely. But also have to perform beautiful acrobatic skills in the air. In fact, it would take a very long time to practice before being allowed to try. But this game will help you experience that feeling and not create danger for the player. Quickly download and feel the attraction of this game.

Download Flip Diving Mod – Acrobatic Skills Challenge

You will be put into the top acrobatics, jumping from many different positions to try, performing unique techniques. Flip Diving Mod will carry the core part, which is following the acrobatic sport of jumping into the water tank. But there are also parts that are optimized to make the game attractive. And interesting is easier to touch the curiosity of players. You will transform into a character in the game, perform dance moves. Although you are not a professional athlete, you can perform interesting acrobatic movements. The game gives you many attractive acrobatic moves, bringing new experiences. Perform multiple turns in the time between jump and hit the water. Or just normal jumps, simply want to try the feeling of jumping from a height to the water immersed in the cool water. Artistic jumps are created or not, it all depends on your control.Download Flip Diving Mod

Multiple Sky Jumping Locations

In fact, jumping in the air is very dangerous and can only be done in swimming pools, places that have been tested to the standards. Flip Diving Mod can help you overcome that limit, it is a game to experience up completely without causing danger. Up in the game is designed with tons of different jumping locations to choose from or if possible you can try them all. Jump from high cliffs, roofs, temporary standing places, or even jump from trees. As long as there is a place to land at a suitable height below, they can jump.Game Flip Diving Mod

Diverse Characters

If Flip Diving Mod just stopped at building characters who are professional players, have available skills, as well as understanding, there would be nothing to discuss. But the characters here are diverse, some people do somersaults while still holding two dumbbells. That way, how can you be able to land safely? Or there are characters who wear costumes that cover the whole body including the face, not suitable for dancing. But it doesn’t matter what shape the character is designed with, they can still make jumps. And details like that are new and unique to attract players.Ear Flip Diving Mod

Graphics, Audio Entertainment

Sports-related, from images to sounds, is bustling, making players more excited. The graphics are built too well, from the image of the jumping places created with many different unique locations. The majestic mountains, the view of every scene is seen from above, immersing in the spirit of sports. Or the sounds created specifically for the game, the good music that cheers you up, make the sports games more exciting. The sound effects are also very focused, when you touch the water there is also a sound.Flip Diving Mod

Flip Diving Mod has a preeminent feature that is Unlimited Money, it will reduce a lot of pressure placed on you. Because a sports game also has things to buy, through each level you get a huge amount of money for you to use. Money can be used to open more characters with different looks and bodies for you to experience. Buy items to equip the characters to create special eye-catching looks for game users. Download the Flip Diving Mod game to perform exciting aerial dance moves.

Download Flip Diving Mod APK 3.3.6 (Unlimited Coins)

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