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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Flip Skater Mod is a sports game published by Miniclip.com. Bring the style of skateboarding, bringing players to exciting experiences on your phone. Here you will enjoy the spectacular acrobatics in the air. Unleash your skills and express yourself on your own board. Especially the gameplay gives you interesting activities and unforgettable entertainment moments. Currently, the game has attracted more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play app. Along with that, it has received more than 20 thousand positive feedbacks from all over the world. That proves that the game has occupied a certain place in the hearts of the audience.

Download Flip Skater Mod – Exciting Skateboarding Experience

The control system of Flip Skater Mod is quite simple. At first, when entering the game screen, the system will guide you in detail about the operations. Just touch and hold the screen to help the character land safely. For example, when the character starts skateboarding, he will gain momentum to bounce up in the air. Now you need to press and hold on to the screen for the character to rotate in the air. Then, align a certain distance and release your hand from the screen for the character to land safely. The gameplay is quite simple, but to do it is not easy at all. With just one small mistake, you will fall and lose. That means you will have to play again from the beginning. So during the experience, it requires players to have a flexible finger skill. Use the best way to create stunning combos for characters.Game Flip Skater Mod

Skill Execution

Each time you fly into the air, the player will get points. The longer you do skins in the air, the higher your score will be. Over time, players will unlock many more unique skills. Along with that, to perform the skills will require the player to have a very good skill. Each skill in Flip Skater Mod has a different plus level. Based on the actual situation in the game screen, you will choose a certain skin to perform. The more difficult the skill, the higher the score. Especially after each landing, your character will have more momentum to bounce higher. Then you can unleash creating beautiful combos, using several skills at the same time. However, that will be very dangerous for the character, if unfortunately, the skill fails. The character will fall, causing you to lose and start over.Flip Skater Mod

Many famous places

Besides, Flip Skater Mod owns a variety of maps. Players can freely explore famous locations around the world. Including the windy Miami beach, in the middle of the big Baikal islands, in the desert, under the bridge, etc. Each location is an exciting journey, helping you to have a fascinating adventure when going to many places in the world. However, players cannot experience the map for free. It is a process for you to show your skills and surpass your own achievements. And especially achieve the required achievement from the system, to be able to open a new map. Through many levels, you will hone your mastery skills. Then you can prove to everyone that you are a good skater.Ear Flip Skater Mod

Unlock characters and skateboards

After completing the level, you will receive a bonus. Flip Skater Mod will be based on the achievements you have achieved, to give the corresponding bonus. Using that money, players can unlock and upgrade characters. Your character has two elements to upgrade including style and income. As for the style, you will have to spend a corresponding amount of money to make the character more prominent. As for the income, the player will get extra points during the performance of the skill. In addition, you can buy much better boards. For example, Tuxedo, Tag, Peace, Zebra, etc., each board is designed in a unique style. Along with that, players can upgrade the maximum height, helping the character to fly higher. Or upgrade the speed, create thrust for the character to perform more skins.Download Flip Skater Mod

In Flip Skater Mod money is a very important factor, helping players make transactions. So when you download the Mod version of the game, you will experience the unlimited money feature. Using that money, players can unleash unlock new characters and maximize style and income. Along with that, you will have the opportunity to shop for the boards you love. And upgrade maximum height and speed, to create unique combos. In addition, Flip Skater Mod is designed with impressive 3D graphics. Provide players with a lot of beautiful locations around the world. Especially sharp character design, with a unique style of dress. Brings a feeling of closeness and comfort. Combined with live sound, through fun soundtracks. Will bring players unforgettable moments.

Download Flip Skater Mod APK 2.31 (Unlimited Money)

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