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Food Truck Chef Mod has an entertaining style released by Nukebox Studios. Players will enter a warm real-world exciting street. Here you will be provided with a sales car and moved to the location in the city. If you are a lover of simplicity and rustic, you will not be able to ignore this attractive game. The game has attracted a lot of people who share the same hobby of selling street goods. Now you can download games on iOS and Android platforms quickly and completely for free. On the Google Play app alone, the game has attracted more than 10 million downloads. Especially, it has received more than 35,000 reviews from all over the world.

Download Food Truck Chef Mod – Developing Street Food

Join the game Food Truck Chef Mod you will be provided with a sales car and move to the famous street. Here, sandwiches will be the food for you to start your business. The ingredients are already prepared. Your task, choose the right ingredients to make a complete cake. For example, boil a flavorful sauce, then pour it into the waiting bread. And finally, deliver it to the customer. Also, you need to pay attention to the blue bar next to each customer. They show wait times as well as customer satisfaction. When that bar is partially reduced, you will see on their faces starting to get annoyed from having to wait so long. Even if the timeout expires, the customer will walk away and you will not receive any money.Food Truck Chef Mod

Customer service

To receive customer satisfaction, players will have to serve in the fastest time. Then you will get a high level of satisfaction, which means they will pay you more. Besides, Food Truck Chef Mod realistically simulates food-making operations. During the cooking process, if you do not focus, it will lead to burnt dishes due to overcooking for too long. Then you will have to throw them in the trash, increasing the customer’s waiting time. Or when adding a shelf for cooked food, you will have to take into account the amount of food that can be consumed. By leaving the dishes in there for too long, they will spoil and you have to throw them in the trash. Then not only will the revenue decrease, but you will have to suffer a lot of other losses.Game Food Truck Chef Mod

Shop Upgrade

Gradually, your sales location has become famous and has a place in the hearts of customers. They will introduce friends and relatives to enjoy. Then you will realize that a cooking stove will not be enough to serve a large number of customers. So to help save time and bring the best dishes to customers. You will have to equip new kitchens with more modern and optimized features. Besides, in Food Truck Chef Mod, there are some things that you need to upgrade. For example, upgrading the automatic coffee machine, so that it works faster, helps customers not have to wait long. Or guitars, tables, and chairs, bookshelves, etc.Download Food Truck Chef Mod

More than 700 recipes

In Food Truck Chef Mod, there is not only a single dish. Instead, there is a diverse culinary system with many dishes, such as sandwiches, seafood, pizza, hamburger, fried noodles, drinks. The game owns more than 700 recipes, allowing you to freely discover and cook famous dishes around the world. However, they are not free, instead, you will have to use the money you get to buy. In addition, players will be able to explore famous locations around the world. By driving his sales car to different locations. From luxury boutiques in France to busy streets in Brazil, this seems like a fun free tour.Food Truck Chef Mod APK

Store expansion

Besides, players can turn their vending cart into a luxurious 5-star restaurant. By building a luxury outdoor restaurant in front of the vending cart. Then you can decorate the store more beautifully and gorgeous, with modern items. After completing the outdoor store, you will attract a lot of customers to buy food. Then you can increase customer waiting time and higher food prices. In addition, Food Truck Chef Mod provides you with necessary items, such as tables and chairs, clean shelves, sound systems, etc. Helping you decorate your store in your own style. Use your cooking skills to achieve the noble achievements of a chef.Tai Food Truck Chef Mod

Money is a very important factor to help you grow your store and as a means, to make transactions. So when you download the Mod version of the Food Truck Chef game, you will be able to use the unlimited money feature. Then you can unlock all the most delicious recipes. And shop for the necessary decorations and tools for your store. Besides, Food Truck Chef Mod is graphically designed in 2D. Image quality is designed to be bright and harmonious. Cute character creation, with flexible character action effects. The dishes are uniquely and distinctively depicted to help you have the most enjoyable experience. Combined with fun sound quality expressed through the lively background music.

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