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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)

Forza Street Mod is set in the context of large cities, opening famous races. The same excitement for players when participating. Experience the racing game from developer Microsoft Corporation. Players are immersed in intense speed races. The suspense and drama are played out throughout the race. Compete directly with your opponent, being among the top racers. Gives you a realistic feeling when you are comparing your driving skills with your opponent. Show yourself as a professional racer, prove to your opponents your racing abilities. Win by reaching the finish line before your opponent. Climb the leaderboards of the riders with the best records. Known to everyone through tough and challenging races.

Download Forza Street Mod – Night Race

Races in Forza Street Mod take place in a large city. Especially in the night scene, making for a racing party with a lot of speed enthusiasts present. As a racer, you need to give your audience the most exciting and impressive races. Show off your driving skills on races through turns. Show drifting skills when flexibly combining braking and speed. Use nitro when maxed to speed up the racing car. Accelerate quickly on straight roads. Overcoming every bend in front of many speed enthusiasts. Win and get attractive bonuses.Download Forza Street Mod

Gameplay, personal skills

Each race of Forza Street Mod takes place in 1vs1 gameplay. You enter the race with another opponent. Compete directly on the track. Besides the performance of the racing car you own. Skill is one of the factors that directly determine the outcome of your race. During the game, there are many situations that will happen. If you do not handle it accurately and flexibly, it will cause your opponent to surpass or leave you far behind. Especially the bends, if not hugging correctly will cause the car to collide with the divider. Even rushing into the light poles that appear on the roadside. This will cause the speed of the racing car to be quickly reduced. Give your opponent an edge towards the finish line to win.Tai Forza Street Mod

Control interface

The control interface of Forza Street Mod is quite simple. It can even be said that it is very easy to use compared to normal racing games. Each race that takes place, the car will automatically locate the map and race route. Your task is to focus on controlling the car through the only virtual button placed on the right of the screen. It is integrated between the accelerator and brake pedal. When you press and hold, will increase the speed of the vehicle. Conversely, releasing will help the vehicle to perform braking action. This is the skill of drifting through the bends. With a flexible combination of acceleration and braking, you will have good control of the racing car. In addition, the nitro feature that helps the car accelerate significantly is displayed on the left side of the screen. It can only be used when the energy has reached its maximum. After each drift to overcome the bends, using nitro is an extremely smart way.Game Forza Street Mod

More than 50 racing cars

Forza Street Mod is a racing game. Therefore, racing cars are indispensable vehicles. Owning a rich racing car system, from many famous car manufacturers in the world. With more than 50 types of racing cars for you to explore and use. Typically, supercars Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari. Or some American muscle racing cars like Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, etc. Or street sports cars like BMW, Porsche, and many more. Each vehicle has its own value and performance. So the amount of money to own them is also different. Depends on what kind of racing car you like. Can save and accumulate money from races to unlock.Forza Street Mod

The graphics of Forza Street Mod are extremely impressively designed. The fireworks effect every time the racing car passes the section or reaches the finish line is very lively. Night environment and surroundings such as roads, tall buildings, and city lights. Everything creates a virtual space of an extremely attractive race track. Different views are automatically changed flexibly throughout the course of the race. Combined with the sound of the car engine when accelerating. Or when the racing car collides with an obstacle, the sound is reproduced very realistically. All of this makes for an impressive racing game. Help players have interesting races and experience the thrilling racing feeling.

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