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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Friday the 13th Mod is a puzzle game genre released by Blue Wizard Digital Inc with a bloody killing style full of horror. Players will experience a bloody party on the island. Especially for those who love horror movies, this will be a discovery that will help you unleash your passion for bloody action scenes that make many people heart-pounding. Currently, the gameplay is developed based on iOS and Android platforms, making it easy for players to access and download for free. On Google Play alone, the game has attracted more than 10 million downloads and received nearly 45,000 reviews from all over the world. Besides, when downloading the Mod unlock will help you have the most enjoyable experience when participating.

Download Friday the 13th Mod – Enjoy Bloody Slaying

Friday the 13th Mod has a compelling storyline, 20 years ago a team of tourists came to the island to camp, but unfortunately, on a dark night, they were swept away by the storm. Only one survivor is Jason, a hatred suddenly arose and since then he has hidden on that island to find a chance to kill those who came here to camp. Join the game you will become the killing machine Jason and start entering the bloody party, using the sword in hand and slaying everyone who comes to the island.Friday the 13th Mod

Interesting gameplay

For players to have a new experience and create a non-boring gameplay Friday the 13th Mod has over 100 different areas for you to explore. Each area has different characteristics and difficulties, requiring you to have an intelligent strategy to complete your killing. The game is designed in a puzzle genre, so your task is to find ways to kill people and open yourself a way out after the auction is complete. Each mission has different requirements that you need to complete, to do that you need to overcome the obstacles that block your way after doing your killing. The obstacles can be fire, water, or even common objects that you need to avoid.Game Friday the 13th Mod

Attractive mode

Not only that, you can participate in different modes to enjoy your killing with the game Friday the 13th Mod. The game offers you two modes including Daily Dear and Murder Marathon. Each mode will have a different style of play, but the gameplay remains the same that you will perform bloody slaughter and horror.

  • Daily Dear mode: brings you to the daily quest sequence, which requires you to complete and will have no hints and undo to play. Each day will have different challenges and they will not repeat to help players not feel bored when participating.
  • Murder Marathon mode: Bringing players to the action of killing in a certain amount of time, this time requires you to have an intelligent strategy as well as accurate calculation to act quickly and complete. mission.

Tai Friday the 13th Mod

Balance the factors

For players to have such interesting experiences, it must be mentioned that the developer’s meticulous design keeps the game in the balance, with three elements of horror, humor, and increasing difficulty. Besides, the difficulty of Friday the 13th Mod will gradually increase after you pass the challenge in the previous level, so always hone and equip yourself with unique skills to overcome. There is also an extremely interesting feature for you to explore, which is to participate in PG mode to make a decision for Jason to start the bloody slash. This is a new thing in the game because you will experience puzzles to find out how to kill people to camp.


Hack Friday the 13th is designed with vivid graphics, along with meticulously polished images to help players have a clearer view. As the horror game genre, however, the game has been portrayed with more fun and fun, giving you a sense of closeness when participating. Along with that, character creation is designed in a cartoon style, with flexible and rhythmic movements that make gameplay even more attractive. Combined with the creepy scene and bloody slashing action will make players even more excited when experiencing.Dow Friday the 13th Mod

When downloading the Mod version of the Friday the 13th game, players will experience the exciting unlock feature. Then you can step into different campsites to enjoy frenetic killing, and unlock valuable items. Besides, the entertaining game helps you have relaxing moments when participating and relieve stress after a long hard working day. Download Friday the 13th Mod to experience bloody killing with horror and complete quests to enjoy the victory.

Download Friday the 13th Mod APK 18.8 (Unlocked All)

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