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Recently on the Mobile game market, there is a very hot game, which many players are interested in. That is Garena Contra Returns the name that is searched a lot at the moment. The gameplay is somewhat similar to the legendary, popular contra game for a while. However, this gameplay has quality graphics, many advanced features, much more modern. Classic gameplay combined with modern style has quickly attracted many players’ interest. Create a large gaming community, constantly growing stronger. The classic 4-button joystick remains the same. Although it is not flexible, it allows you to control your character to rotate 360 ​​degrees. But it gives players the feeling that they are playing a real contra game. During the battle, your character will have a maximum of 3 lives. When those 3 respawns are over, you will lose, start the game again from the beginning. There should be a reasonable calculation, not to lose a meaningless life.

Download Garena Contra Returns Mod – Classic Gun Fight

When participating in Garena Contra Returns Mod, you will play the role of a light warrior. He has a muscular, muscular body. Although not copper, iron skin, not able to withstand radiation, laser, etc… But strong health, ability to move quickly, especially the will to fight bravely. Always ready to fight, overcome all difficulties and challenges to help you win the game screen easily. The character system is very diverse, but this is not the deciding factor for your victory. But the new control skill is the most important factor. There are many traps and enemies along the way. The number will increase as you move forward. Coming to the final stage, you will face a giant-sized super monster. Players will now use all skills, The most powerful weapon to attack the monster. Just fight and defend against the lasers and bullets that the monster shoots.

Garena contra returns mod apk

Modern gun system

The gun is the main weapon that you will use to destroy the monsters in the game. The gun system is very diverse, the types included in the original version remain the same. In addition, there are quality guns with extremely modern technology. For example Cannons, lasers, machine guns, plasmas, etc… Each shot fires dozens of bullets, radiating in many different directions. You can change guns continuously during the battle. Face the boss, use the strongest gun. Upgrade over time to increase strength, pass the stages more easily.

game garena contra returns mod

Various items

During the battle, you will see a lot of items appear. Can be guns, ammunition, mines, etc…. The most valuable and important item that everyone loves is the resurrection of life. When you see red hearts, quickly collect them. Along with this are extremely scary, extremely dangerous pitfalls. Might cause the player to die instantly. So when you are about to pick up something, look carefully to see if it’s safe. If no danger threatens then quickly collect and continue the journey.

game garena contra returns mod hack

Stronger Enemies

The monster army has been increased in strength, the number is much larger. Although they are only bosses, they are very intelligent. Many types can dodge your stormy attacks. However, every boss has its own unique weakness. Please find out the information of those bosses before starting the fight. Once you have grasped the information, then continue to attack that department. You will see their blood volume quickly decrease markedly.

Stunning graphics

Quality 3D graphics for sharp images, not broken and ugly like the original version. All details, images have been new, much more modern. In the matches, the publisher has created many new, unique and fancy details. Show a modern style that appeals to players. The locations are constantly changing, with no repetition of landscapes or monsters. You will constantly be discovering and experiencing extremely attractive new things.

garena contra returns mod apk

Garena Contra Returns is increasingly asserting its influence on the Mobile game market. Challenging levels with many valuable gifts. Role-play as a light warrior, use modern combat weapons to destroy all enemy lairs. Not afraid of any opponent, overcome the gates, defeat the final boss and win. A lot of features, new game modes are extremely attractive waiting for you to experience. Download Garena Contra Returns Mod with teammates to clear all levels.

Download Garena Contra Returns Mod APK (Unlimited Ammo)

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