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Update October 8, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Note: Requires rooted device

Girl Genius! Mod is a puzzle game provided by the publisher Lion Studios. With an interesting investigative style, you will step into funny stories. On a mission to investigate the man of her life on the matter of adultery. Inspired by real-life stories, talking about some men having an affair. At that time, women seemed to have some special power. They sense deception and deception through the man’s actions and gestures. Interesting gameplay and attractive story, have attracted a lot of participants. Currently, the gameplay has attracted more than 10 million downloads and received nearly 7,000 responses.

Download Girl Genius! Mod – The Journey Of The Woman Who Investigated Infidelity

The story revolves around the woman in Girl Genius! Mods. On the big day of her life, she noticed something unusual from her husband. His suspicious actions made her suspicious of adultery. Such an ornate and splendid setting, but with a lot of misfortune. The lights glow on the ceiling as if it wants to fall, or the flower car breaks down suddenly. This seems to be a sign that someone wants to mess up and destroy her wedding. Not stopping there, after he told him to go to the bathroom but for more than 30 minutes, he still did not come back. At this time, a woman’s premonition appeared, she decided to find out the reason for a series of things that were happening. As expected, the woman caught him kissing another girl in the toilet.Girl Genius! Mod

Fascinating storyline

In order not to receive more pain, she took off her shirt and announced to everyone about his adultery. Soon after, that woman was confessed by a rich, handsome guy. The two got into a car, moved to a splendid mansion, and lived a happy life. Girl Genius gameplay! Mods are quite simple, puzzle-style and they are arranged according to the plot. Players only need to solve each of those sentences, in turn, to arrange into a complete story. The puzzles are entertaining and stick to the margins of the story. They are simply some of the problems in the life between the two characters. For example, if a third girl appears, they seduce and flirt with your man. Now, what will you do to solve that problem, choose to hit the boat or solve it gently?Download Girl Genius! Mod

Handle situations

Sometimes you will encounter difficult puzzles, requiring you to have logic and the ability to handle situations. For example, if your man is having an affair with another girl, what would you do? Use an eraser to erase the walls so everyone can see his shame. Besides, according to the plot of Girl Genius! Mods. You and your new boyfriend will arrive at a mansion, but things don’t turn out the way you imagined. This place has been seriously degraded, the windows are broken, the floor has many holes. Or the walls are cracked, making everything look like a battlefield. However, it is not too important, because after passing the 5th question. You will receive 100 coins to start upgrading and remodeling the mansion.Tai Girl Genius! Mod

Unlock costumes and pets

Over time, as you work hard and try to rebuild things. From love to shelter, money will automatically increase gradually. Then you can use the money to buy beautiful outfits. For example, a gorgeous white wedding dress, a personalized military uniform, an animal skin outfit, or even a powerful spy outfit. Besides Girl Genius! The mod also has a few pets for you to foster. However, they do not come naturally, instead, you need to complete the task to unlock. When reaching level 6 the system will unlock the cat. Gradually other beasts will unlock gradually as you reach level 22.Game Girl Genius! Mod

When downloading the Mod version of the game Girl Genius! You will experience an unlimited money feature. Using that money, players can shop for beautiful outfits. Especially upgrading and remodeling the villa to become as splendid and modern as before. Besides Girl Genius! Mod is designed graphically in simple 2D. The game is styled like cartoons for children. Bright picture quality, giving players a more comfortable feeling. Combined with sound quality, expressed through cheerful, gentle music melodies. Besides, the game is entertaining to help you have relaxing moments when participating.

Download Girl Genius! Mod APK 1.1.4 (Unlimited Coins)

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