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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Glitch Video Effects Mod is a video editing application developed by InShot Inc. Here you can edit your own videos completely free of charge. What’s more, the application provides you with a lot of editing tools, so that the video becomes richer. In particular, there are hundreds of different effects that will help you create a vivid video. Besides, users can record videos on the application and use filters and effects to make the video more unique in front of viewers. This is a video editing application that helps you create interesting moments and keep your own memories. In addition, users can directly share their videos on social networks.

Download Glitch Video Effects Mod – Help You Edit Videos With Rich Effects

Glitch Video Effects Mod gives you hundreds of different effects. That helps you create a much more vivid and rich video. Here users can choose a certain effect to match their video. For example Retro VHS, Chrome effect, noise, vibration, X-ray. Each effect will bring you a different experience. As well as making the video more rich and beautiful. In addition, there is an effect that is used by many people, it is even a trend for a while. That is the Glitch effect, when using this effect, your video will look like noise. Then on the video, horizontal and vertical streaks will appear to appear as if there is interference.Ear Glitch Video Effects Mod

Friendly interface

Glitch Video Effects Mod’s interface gives you a friendly feel, with optimized toolbars. That makes it easy for users to use and operate quickly. With a series of other editing tools such as: changing the background color, choosing attractive music, adjusting the playback speed of the video. That will help users to create a professional video, with vivid colors.

Edit video

To start editing videos, users need to upload from the device or use the video captured on the app. You can then use the editing tools that the system provides. The cutting and merging tools help you adjust the length, as well as the duration of the video. This tool also helps you to remove unnecessary images in the video. Besides, users can choose their favorite filter and add it to the video or add interesting effects. You can then use the scale tool, to customize the frame of the video to suit the device you’re using. For example 1:1, 19:6 ratio, …

After completing the video editing process, users can preview the video. Also fix the unfinished parts. Once done, you can share your video on social networks. Here Glitch Video Effects Mod allows you to export videos with high resolution. As well as suggesting some social networks like Tiktok, Instagram, Spanchat.Glitch Video Effects Mod

Using cameras and filters

Users can use the camera on the app, to capture a sharp and vivid video. Here Glitch Video Effects Mod allows you to add unique effects and filters. You can then use the Glitch effect, to create the illusion and make the viewer more interested. Or use a reflective filter, with a visual style of the 80s and 90s. Bring a classic touch of the old days, then the application will remove the frame to create the most realistic emotion. With this reflective filter, users can record ancient videos themselves. This is an interesting point so that you can create nostalgic videos in modern times. It not only helps users feel excited but also makes viewers more excited.Download Glitch Video Effects Mod


Coming to Glitch Video Effects Mod, users will be provided with a full range of professional video editing tools. In particular, the application focuses mainly on filters and effects. Along with pre-setting parameters, you just need to select and apply them to your video. What’s more, if you want to record a video on the app. Then you can directly add effects and filters, then the editing process will be a lot easier. The editing process is also quite simple, you just need to select and apply it to the video. Then users will immediately notice the difference in the video. You can even design your own vlog, with an eye-catching effect, along with beautiful filters.

Download Glitch Video Effects Mod APK (Unlocked Pro)

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