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Update October 19, 2021 (2 years ago)

Goat Simulator GoatZ Mod is a survival game. Set in a fictional post-apocalyptic world. In particular, the game combines elements of goat and zombie animals. Simulate the harsh, brutal life of a goat life. Revolving around the adventurous adventure among scary zombies. Similar to other survival action games. The main difference in the game is the role-playing element. Instead of being a character, you now transform into a goat. Can perform all the actions of a real goat. Moreover, it is possible to develop intelligence, with the further actions of a goat. Know how to fight with zombies to save lives. This is a paid game by the developer Coffee Stain Publishing. If you want to experience the game, players need to spend some money to buy.

Download Goat Simulator GoatZ Mod – Goat Survival Adventure After Apocalypse

The gameplay of Goat Simulator GoatZ Mod takes place in a survival style. In a fantasy simulation of a post-apocalyptic world. You control the goat to start the journey of survival. Able to move freely, perform the typical actions of a goat. Zombies are the main enemy in your adventure. They appear everywhere on the wide roads. Even in the forests, lawns can be encountered. To be able to survive in a world full of dangers. You will have to move around in search of food and water. At the same time collect weapons and equipment to be able to fight the zombies. An adventurous adventure in a scary world. Just a small mistake will cost you. Will even fall prey to bloodthirsty zombies.Goat Simulator GoatZ Mod

Looking for food to sustain life

Maintaining life is the most important factor for you to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. At Goat Simulator GoatZ Mod you will have to search for food sources. By moving to the vast city. Collect food, water, and survival items. Always stay in top shape to be able to do a variety of activities. For a certain period of time, you will have to use the food you earn to maintain health. At the same time must maintain the survival stats to continue the adventure. Parallel to the search for survival items. You also have to learn how to run away when in danger. The zombies can rush to attack as soon as they spot their prey. Observe quickly, dodge when you are still weak to preserve your life.Game Goat Simulator GoatZ Mod

Use weapons to fight zombies

Running away is not the only way to survive in Goat Simulator GoatZ Mod. In the adventure in the post-apocalyptic city. You will collect a lot of equipment to improve your fighting ability. Back weapons, helmets, and armor. These are the equipment you can find during survival. Using them to equip yourself will increase your attack and defense. Can fight directly with zombies. No need to run or try to hide. Over time, self-development. When the dike reaches a certain level of intelligence. Weapons can be crafted using items collected during survival. The game offers a diverse weapon system with a lot of powerful guns. Or you can even use bows and arrows to attack.Download Goat Simulator GoatZ Mod

Graphics and sound

Graphics of Goat Simulator GoatZ Mod is a combination of simulation and physical effects. Recreate a realistic setting of the post-apocalyptic environment. Impressive motion simulation of zombies. Along with interesting reactions every time the goat comes in contact with and interacts with objects on the road. Although the graphics are not too impressive in terms of image quality. But the game’s simulation feature recreated everything vividly. Mixed background music is changed flexibly in each activity that takes place. The rhythm of the music is sometimes gentle, sometimes dramatic. Combined with the sound is changed to suit each action of the goat. For example, when using weapons to attack or when running on the road.Tai Goat Simulator GoatZ Mod

Not just an ordinary goat. In addition to the ability to fight zombies. The goat in Goat Simulator GoatZ Mod also has many other special abilities. Can turn living people into zombies. Miniature heads loot their crates. It is even possible to hover around the city and destroy everything that passes by. All actions of the goat are made quite simple. Just combine on-screen joystick operations. You can easily perform the desired action.

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