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Update October 11, 2021 (2 years ago)

Golf Battle Mod is inspired by the sport of hitting Golf. Takes you into exciting matches with talented golfers. The game belongs to the sports game genre. Entertaining gameplay, help you have fun moments during the game experience. Compete against online golfers from around the world, by participating in a random match. Maybe even new friends to join, play with them. Show off your golf skills by hitting the ball into the hole with precision. Score as high as you can win in front of other opponents. The game not only helps you have golf competitions for entertainment. But there are also many different tasks and challenges for you to perform. Complete the best way, you will receive a lot of valuable rewards.

Download Golf Battle Mod – Play Golf At Various Locations

Come to Golf Battle Mod to enjoy the feeling of playing exciting Golf battles. With a lot of interesting features, help you have an unforgettable experience. Diverse 1vs1 and 6vs6 gameplay in unique modes. It is possible to invite friends to join through the link with Facebook. More than 120 golf courses are held in various locations. With the environment, the surrounding scenery is extremely impressive. Or you can join a golf club. Show off the beautiful balls and achievements the club has achieved. A series of golf levels with increasing difficulty from easy to difficult. Get the best achievement to unlock new content. Especially when the control mechanism is designed to be simple and intuitive. Suitable for all audiences, from children to adults. Promising to bring you extremely interesting Golf matches.Download Golf Battle Mod

Style play

Although the gameplay of Golf Battle Mod is still kept as real Golf battles. But the way to play in the game has been changed, to suit mobile devices. As well as making it possible for all players to participate. Each game screen takes place, you need to do everything to get the ball into the right hole at the foot of the flag. Tap, hold and swipe to navigate the ball’s movement. After releasing the hand, the ball will automatically move in the right direction and force that you have applied. Competition ends when all balls are hit into the goal. The ball that hits the golf course with the fastest time will get the highest score. From there will win.Game Golf Battle Mod

Obstacle, difficulty

During Golf at Golf Battle Mod. Obstacles appear in the path of the ball. They will obstruct and deflect the ball from moving. Therefore, you need to observe and calculate the physical impact to send the ball most accurately. Can hit the ball into the hole before the rest of the opponent’s balls. From there will win and continue to enter the new competition. The difficulty will be increased, as well as the reward received more.Golf Battle Mod

Golf skills

Golf Battle Mod has unlimited hits. You can make more than one hit in a match. However, observing, controlling the force of the shot, the direction appropriately will help you increase your win rate. Through the matches, you need to hone your own experience and skills. Only then can we overcome the challenges in future golf competitions. Because the opponent you have to compete with has a lot of experience. With excellent golf skills, if not hit the ball accurately. You are very easy to lose.

1vs1 mode and up to 6 players

The game offers you 2 main game modes including 1vs1 and up to 6 players. In Golf Battle Mod’s 1vs1 mode. You can participate in a random match against another online opponent. Show your golf skills to put the ball into the hole in the shortest time. Besides, the maximum 6 player mode is much more attractive. You can invite your Facebook friends to join you. Compete with them in the contest to be the winner. The gameplay of the up to 6 player mode is similar to the 1vs1 mode. However, in this mode, everyone’s balls can collide with each other. Causes the direction of the ball to be deflected. Make it very difficult for you to become a winner.Tai Golf Battle Mod

More than 120 mini golf courses for you to explore. Each golf course in Golf Battle Mod is extremely impressively designed, with many different environments. Each golf course has its own difficulty and challenges that you must overcome. The golf course, for example, is set in the rocky mountains. Dangerous sandpits and moving objects will cause your ball to stop midway. Or windy cliffs, rushing waves, strong winds. Will cause the ball to move out of orbit, requiring you to calculate it accurately. There are many golf courses in other locations such as pine forest, snow valley, Mayan forest, etc.

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