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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Grand Gangsters 3D Mod is an action game, developed by Doodle Mobile Ltd. The game is designed with open gameplay, taking you into a large city. Role-playing as a character in the game, you can freely do what you like without restrictions. Enjoy exploring the city in your own way. Take on a series of fascinating quests and be adventurous in impressive simulation space. From the background, buildings, roads, vehicles to the surrounding scenery, everything is depicted very realistically. In particular, you can choose to become a good citizen or a wanted criminal.

Download Grand Gangsters 3D Mod – Freely Do What You Like In The City 

Join Grand Gangsters 3D Mod, players are free to do what they like. From driving on the road, explore many beautiful places in the city. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and adventure in your car. If you want to become a criminal yourself, you can commit dangerous and criminal actions. For example, driving a car crashes into anyone that you find itchy. Use weapons, attack anyone. Or take actions against the law such as smashing, robbing a bank. However, once you have determined to do those actions, you will be listed as a wanted person. Soon after, the police force will appear. Therefore, based on each action that you take, will determine who you are.Grand Gangsters 3D Mod

Attractive quest system

Although the game encourages participants to be good citizens, obeying the law. But if you are still determined to become a dangerous criminal still does not matter. Grand Gangsters 3D Mod offers you 6 unique missions. Each mission is divided into 2 main types including fighting and driving. For driving duty, you can drive your own car or rob someone else. Then move to the required locations to complete the mission. Besides, the fighting mission will put you in danger, even losing your life. Use weapons or fists to attack people. Then you will turn yourself into a criminal. The game will be based on your illegal actions to divide dangerous levels. The higher the danger level, the more danger you are in. Even being surrounded by an army of police.Grand Gangsters 3D Mod

Collect stars to unlock new areas

After completing the mission, you will receive a rating star. Collect enough stars, you can unlock a new location. Grand Gangsters 3D Mod has 4 areas for you to enter. Each area has tasks and requirements for you to fulfill. Taking turns completing missions and collecting stars, you will explore all areas. Besides, each area offers a unique experience. From landscapes, vehicles, roads… and much more. During the adventure, you have the opportunity to collect a lot of necessary items. Pick them up to equip yourself, use them for many different purposes.Download Grand Gangsters 3D Mod

10 types of weapons, 5 car models

Grand Gangsters 3D Mod provides players with 10 weapons and 5 car models. As for weapons, you can use knives, swords, hammers to directly fight or attack those who are an eyesore. Even using a gun, firing deadly bullets that cause other people to lose their lives. In addition to using weapons, you have the opportunity to discover 5 unique models such as pickups, cars, or supercars. Each model has its own design and performance. Requires you to spend a corresponding amount to unlock. Besides, you can rob the cars on the road. But that puts you on the city’s list of criminals.Grand Gangsters 3D Mod

3D graphic design, quality sound

Grand Gangsters 3D Mod simulates a huge world, with cities inspired by reality. The game uses 3D graphics, recreating an extremely realistic world. From buildings, people moving on the road, cars, etc., everything is designed very clearly. Especially when it comes to character creation, it is depicted in detail. Moving effects are extremely flexible, with very realistic actions and gestures. Give players an impression as soon as they join the game. The interesting sound mix, background music is played throughout during play.

The control system of Grand Gangsters 3D Mod is divided into 2 types, including driving and character control. It is similar to other casual racing and action games. Players only need to touch the corresponding icons to control. Flexible use between the control keys will help the operations take place smoothly. However, at first, you still need to take some time to get used to the control mechanism.

Download Grand Gangsters 3D Mod APK 2.4 (Unlimited Money)

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