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1. Unlimited GP Medals
2. Unlimited Research Points
3. Unlimited Nitro
4. Unlimited Fuel
5. Unlimited Gain

Grand Prix Story 2 Mod is a game that simulates the process of racing and tuning cars. Released by Kairosoft Co in mid-2017. It is a leading game developer in Japan. With many types of entertainment games with Pixel graphics style. This game is similar, designed on the classic Pixel platform. Although today on the market there are many titles with impressive graphics. But the developer has affirmed its leading position with a large number of visitors. Moreover, this game is the 2nd version in the series of Grand Prix Story games. Much improved in features, along with a diverse racing and character system.

Download Grand Prix Story 2 Mod – Participate in Exciting Races

Similar to its predecessor, Grand Prix Story 2 Mod retains the core gameplay. The game revolves around racing content and conquering the speed track. At the same time, upgrade and customize the engine to increase the vehicle’s performance. Compete with top racers on speed tracks. Win based on your character’s skills and vehicle performance. Combine strategy and use nitro at the right time, making opponents smaller and smaller when looking in the rearview mirror. Conquer every race with your car, get valuable rewards after winning. Use bonuses to continue to upgrade and improve vehicles, conquering more difficult challenges.Download Grand Prix Story 2 Mod

Attractive gameplay

At first, Grand Prix Story 2 Mod provides you with a racing car. However, the performance and performance are not as expected. Moving into the garage, you will begin the process of building and improving the car. Find a good craftsman, trust their workmanship. Wait a while, you will get a car with a brand new engine. Test it out by taking part in the race, competing with a few opponents. In addition to focusing on racing with the rest of the competitors, the terrain and environmental factors are huge obstacles. Each race takes place in a different location, so the road surface and obstacles will not be the same. Requires skilled racing skills and the ability to observe. Choose a race car that has good advantages on that track for stable operation.Tai Grand Prix Story 2 Mod

More than 50 racing car models

Compared to its predecessor, Grand Prix Story 2 Mod has a lot of improvements from features to vehicle systems. With more than 50 racing models, designed in different styles and engines. The system will also update many other racing models. Each car model is shown through parameters such as speed, durability, acceleration time, etc. You can click on a certain car model in the garage to see specific parameters. Besides, the difference in parameters will have a change in terms of performance. It will have an impact on performance on the track. You need to observe and evaluate reality, choosing the right car for the upcoming race. Especially when entering the track, the durability of the car will decrease after a lap. Please monitor the operation of the vehicle for timely repair.Game Grand Prix Story 2 Mod

Upgrade Car

In addition to choosing a car to participate in the race, do not forget to upgrade the car. Because each model of Grand Prix Story 2 Mod after unlocking is in its original form. There should be some parts and engines that can’t work at their best. You can replace parts, customize the engine and retrofit more parts to keep your car running at its best. However, this process costs you a lot of money and requires some accompanying resources. They can be collected from receiving rewards or buying in the store.

Dozens of race tracks

The game owns dozens of attractive racing tracks. Each track is a location, along with a lot of obstacles and challenges. Not only that, the impact from the terrain will make you face a lot of difficulties during the race. Grand Prix Story 2 Mod has a series of race tracks waiting for you to explore. At first, race in the city then moves on to other races such as the beach, the suburbs, and ice racing, etc. If you want to win, you must choose the right racing car. Observe the terrain and choose the car with the best performance on that track.Grand Prix Story 2 mod

During racing, your opponents are top racers. They come from many parts of the world, making it very difficult for you to win. Grand Prix Story 2 Mod has a nitro feature, giving you an instant boost in a short time. Each time you use it, your speed will be twice as fast as the normal speed. Use it in a reasonable way and at the right time, helping you easily overcome your opponent. For example, when your opponent is about to pass you, quickly use it to leave your opponent behind. However, the acceleration of nitro depends on the parameters and specifications of the vehicle.

Download Grand Prix Story 2 Mod APK 2.4.5 (Unlimited Resources)

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