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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Grand Theft Auto III Mod is an extremely popular role-playing game with many different versions and this is the third version that has been much improved compared to the previous two versions, you will be transformed into a social name. a gangster named Claude is in the process of being wanted and then joins 8-Ball to become a Mafia, participate in life-and-death battles, and take revenge on the person who sold him out. The game is constantly being developed through different versions developed by Rockstar Games, quickly play the game to become a real gangster with dangerous missions that challenge players both in terms of fighting skills and with intellectual calculation.

Download Grand Theft Auto III Mod – Crime City

Join the game Grand Theft Auto III Mod you will become a wanted criminal living in a city full of gangs and crime genres, with countless illegal actions. You will be the person working for the crime boss, there will be tasks that are illegal to do for the gang such as selling weapons, selling white goods, finding and killing people who stand in the way, just a command. assigned you must complete even murder or destroy another organization that stands in your way.

Game Grand Theft Auto III Mod

If you choose to start the quest, there will be no turning back, but only continuing on this long road, at first in the city it can only be done within the specified territory that is the three counties of Portland, Staunton Island, and Shoreside Vale, of course, there are other territories but you must successfully complete the assigned tasks to open them. With this game, this crime city is yours, you are a criminal who can run rampant in the city, you want to destroy something, rob a bank or anything even kill your friend. can all do? But if it is a crime, there will soon be police forces coming to catch you, you just need to run away without being caught to escape the crime.


With the gameplay as a gangster of Hack Grand Theft Auto III, full of dangers, those who want to take revenge to destroy you live in a criminal city with all kinds of people, you must have a gun. can only be fierce. Of course, at first, it’s just a hand, but then you can have yourself a weapon that is all kinds of different guns, petrol bombs, explosive bombs, or melee weapons like baseball coaches or other weapons. knife. You will get them now in the city from people you kill or can spend money will be full in weapon shops and if you are lucky you can pick them up on the street maybe someone made them, fall.

Grand Theft Auto III Mod

Control system

The developer Rockstar Games has optimized the control system for Grand Theft Auto 3 Mod to be able to use full control of all character functions but also simplify the buttons as much as possible for easy control. Characters fight, use weapons. Even driving is designed with appropriate buttons for ease, can go forward and backward by touching the accelerator or the brake has a horn, with the view of your choice because there are two modes: See the whole third-person view or with your own eyes through the first person for real, like you are sitting in the car.

This is a fascinating action role-playing game about gangsters, with the struggles between the gangs of America, with bloody battles, fighting for each territory business, can lose any life. when. So in the game, Grand Theft Auto III Mod has Unlimited Money you can go to the weapon store to buy the most powerful guns to protect yourself as well as complete the task easier to find cool costumes don’t worry about the price.

Download Grand Theft Auto III Mod APK 1.8 (Unlimited Money)

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