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Granny Mod is a video game genre, with a creepy style. The game released by DVloper will make you feel scared during the experience. Currently, the game is rated as the most current horror game of the App Store and Google Play applications. During the game, you will sometimes feel scared and startled by the activities taking place. On the Android operating system alone, the game has attracted more than 100 million downloads. Along with that, it received more than 228 thousand positive feedbacks from all over the world. Besides, players will experience the unlimited money Mod feature, helping you to play the best game.

Download Granny Mod – Run From The Killer

As soon as entering Granny Mod, players will feel a scary scene. Along with that was a not very friendly greeting. This seems to have a secret waiting for you to discover. The scene takes place in a gloomy house, bringing a creepy and scary feeling. You are the main character who is locked in that house. There is an old woman named Granny who is known as a serial killer. Although her eyes are blind, she has very good ears that can hear even the slightest sound. Even if a hair fell to the floor, she could hear it clearly.Download Granny Mod

Clever skills

Join Granny Mod your mission is to run away from that house. However, you have to run away from Granny’s pursuit. Along with that is to find a way to break through the locked door, to be able to escape from this scary and gloomy place. In the process of running, remember that you must remain absolutely silent. Because she could hear any noise in that house. In addition, you need to have good movement and judgment skills. For example, in necessary situations, find a safe hiding place. Or judge her direction of movement so that she can run in another direction. At this time, you will have to be self-reliant, regardless of the situation, you must stay calm and handle it intelligently.Granny Mod

Many scary scenes

In the process of playing Granny Mod, you will encounter a lot of scary scenes. For example, right from the first scene, you will be in a dark room. To get out of there, the player needs to look for the key. They can be on the top of a prison table or drawer, or some other place. Next, you will walk out of the room and come to a door with a code. Here the player will have to link the hints to be able to open it. Finally, move to many locations in the house, with the aim of finding items to unlock the door. By finding the necessary items such as hammers, pliers, keys, knives, etc. And use them skillfully to escape from this place.Granny Mod

Keep silent

You need to be careful to keep quiet and absolutely cannot let Granny be discovered. Even in times of danger, seek a safe location. Hide in a cupboard, hide under the bed or find a hidden corner. It will be a temporary solution to help you overcome the danger. In addition, players need to use their intelligence in some necessary situations. For example, turn on the radio, or make a sound, to distract her and get her attention. That is very important, as it will create a better chance for you to escape.Ear Granny Mod APK

Graphics and sound

The game is designed with a first-person perspective, which will help you have a fascinating experience. Then you can see more realistically in a scary environment. Combined with Granny Mod’s graphics designed on a simple 2D platform. The game’s setting is in a gloomy house, with images mostly in black. Especially the effect will make you feel scared, for example, if she is unfortunately killed. A scary scene will appear, blood splattering and the screen red. Or her sudden appearance will startle you. Along with the quiet sound in a closed environment, sometimes will increase the level of fear for you.Granny Mod APK

Coming to Granny Mod, players can download the Mod God Mode version. Then you will experience the immortal feature, making her impossible to kill. That will help you unleash the mystery of the spooky house. The game is only suitable for those who love the horror and horror of the dark. Because the game will bring entertainment in a way that no one expected. Download Granny Mod to experience the horror and scary game in a gloomy space. With a mission to run away from the serial killer and escape from the scary house.

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