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Update October 25, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Speed ​​Club lets you satisfy your passion for speed. Drive cars and participate in extremely fierce speed races. You will be competing, competing with other racers from all over the world. The sound of the engine roaring, the sound of the car’s brakes when cornering is extremely realistic. Stimulate the will of players to race more fiercely. Modern racing car system, synthesizing the most expensive models in the universe. Owning a supercar in this gameplay is extremely simple and easy. Only a few races to win and complete the assigned system missions. You can go to the shop to unlock a new car right away. The control interface is designed to be quite simple, relatively optimized. To create an airy, spacious view to help players easily observe. Let’s conquer the biggest prizes in the game right now.

Download GT: Speed ​​Club Mod – Drive the car to the finish line as soon as possible

In the beginning, when you first enter the game, you will receive a lot of incentives from the system. GT: Speed ​​Club Mod facilitates players to get used to the gameplay easily. Buying a car or high-end equipment is deeply discounted. However, that time will be limited to the initial levels. When you reach level 10 or higher, you will no longer receive those favors. At this time, players need to practice hard and participate in big tournaments. In the PvP race with the participation of the top players of the continents. The prize for the best player is huge. The huge amount of bonuses is enough for you to shop for the things you like. But the difficulty level will be higher, need to go through many qualifying rounds, knock out directly. The odds of winning will be much lower. Equip your racing car with high-quality technology and parts. Help you win many great prizes.

GT Speed ​​Club mod

Car garage

Synthesize more than 70 racing car models of many different price segments for players to choose to experience. With extremely strong horsepower, many modern technologies are equipped. You can reach hundreds of km / h in just a few seconds of starting. To achieve this, the player needs to upgrade the parts in his car. For example Engine, chassis, tires, etc. Creating an iron steed makes it easier for you to win. Many famous car brands in the world such as Honda, Kawasaki, Audi, BMW, etc… Along with many other famous brands. The price of a car is not too high, you can easily unlock your favorite car.

GT Speed ​​Club mod

Great races

GT: Speed ​​Club Mod has both large and small racing tournaments around the world. To be able to participate in the big races, you must start from the qualifying round. At this stage, there will be dozens, hundreds of other riders from many countries around the world. There are many cars competing at the same time, the size is not too high. Entering the inner ring, the riders will be divided into separate competition tables. The fierce race has officially begun. You will be in direct confrontation, competing for speed with 1 other player. Try to win, not be eliminated, and get a ticket to the next round.

Customize your car

The system allows you to change some parts of the car such as Paint color, cockroach stamps, engine, tires, rims, mirrors, etc… Along with a number of other details. Create a racing car that shows your style. Participating in big races will have many spectators. Make an impression, polish your name. When you reach the finish line first, the system will take a picture and honor it on the screen of all racers. That’s why you should design your car beautifully.

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Simple gameplay

Basically, the control of the car in this GT: Speed ​​Club Mod is exactly like the games of the same genre. But the console is a bit more optimized. Normally, there will only be 2 keys, + and –, and the speedometer is displayed on the screen. The plus sign is for increasing vehicle speed, minus is for braking. When collecting items on the auto-track, a new function key will be displayed. You just need to click and select the one you want to use. A clear, wide field of vision helps players play better.

GT Speed ​​Club mod apk for android

For those of you who are passionate about racing and want to become a real racer, try to experience GT: Speed ​​Club. 3D graphics with extremely realistic image quality. But when experiencing it, there is not a single phenomenon of laxity, wandering at all. Every movement of the car is very smooth. Even for phones with average configuration, the experience is extremely great. Download GT: Speed ​​Club Mod customize racing cars to your liking and participate in the world’s largest racing.

Download GT: Speed ​​Club Mod APK 1.14.6 (Unlimited Money)

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