GTA Chinatown Wars Mod APK 1.04 (Menu, Money, Ammo, Big damage)

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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Unlimited ammo
  • Unlimited health
  • Unlimited money
  • Big damage
  • Passage through walls
  • Walking on objects

GTA game is too familiar to gamers, has been created with countless different versions of all kinds to give players new experiences not to be bored by a game and GTA Chinatown Wars Mod is. Completely new, impressed by the new style of this game. Developed by Rockstar Games as well as GTA games are released on two platforms, iOS, and Android for anyone interested in this crime-fighting genre. With this version no longer an image of an American city, but a complete change of scenery, the image now you will be working for Chinatown, an American game but in the style of the middle people. Kingdoms from human to subordinate all are completely different.

Download GTA Chinatown Wars Mod – For Power City

GTA Chinatown Wars Mod still retains but the essence of the fighting game genre, the power of different gang organizations, is that the battles for the benefit of each side do not have an end-all because of your own interests. But this game is no longer like other GTA versions of American cities, but instead, this place begins your career-building path a flower street of Chinese people, members of the gangs, but the name It is much more dangerous to scrape here than to do horrible things that might not be possible to imagine. Living here, you also have to have for yourself at least a little power or money here are the two most important things that show your strength.Game GTA Chinatown Wars Mod

You can still control your character to do some tasks, if you want to become a strong person to create an organization that has both power and money, you cannot be an ordinary person, you are a crime. criminals. Killing someone who hinders you will die, those people will become a part of your development, but be careful in situations to remember that you are a criminal that will most likely be arrested by the police. then your game will stop and you will be finished. Changing yourself after every crime you break the law will also help you a lot and avoid the enemy chasing you without being caught by the police.

Difficult task

Want to get finances, some money as well as create relationships to increase the character’s power, it is imperative to successfully perform the assigned dances, which are extremely important tasks if completing it will help you very much. In the GTA Chinatown Wars Mod crime game, the task can be transporting special items, be it a forbidden cave or related to the law, or destroy those who are in your way, who the mission takes out. If performing well those tasks can be an important step towards starting everything from failure to empty hands to being the head of Chinatown.GTA Chinatown Wars Mod


GTA Chinatown Wars Mod has the difference with a top-down perspective that is very different from GTA games, the graphics of these games are nothing to blame, showing you the world in the game as real. , a miniature world on the back of society. The roads and buildings in the city are carefully cared for, you will find very similar to the outside world, and design everything to look like a Chinese street, gunfights or action worthy Effects are calculated for the best player experience.

Join the crime world GTA Chinatown Wars Mod on the way to become the most powerful person in Chinatown, you can not escape the war for the area, can shed blood, or lose your life at any time. is extremely important. The enemy fights definitely weapons are guns if you have bullets of all the guns that cannot be used up, you think how many enemies can be defeated. Unlimited Money is no less in the criminal world, money is a part of power, much money can prepare everything best against dangerous enemies.

Download GTA Chinatown Wars Mod APK 1.04 (Menu, Money, Ammo, Big damage)

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