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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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GTA Liberty City Stories Mod is an adventure game released by Rockstar Games with Mafia underworld style, players will experience new and interesting things about this game. With bold action gameplay, so since its launch, the game has attracted a lot of players to participate and received many positive reviews from the audience. Currently, the game is free to download on the Google Play application and is developed on the Android platform. More specifically, when you download the mod version of unlimited money, you can unlock different weapons and use them.

Download GTA Liberty City Stories Mod – Join a fascinating Mafia world

Following the success of the previous series released, to meet the needs of players Rockstar Games has released a new version of the GTA game to help players have a new and wonderful experience than ever. time out. The content revolves around the character Toni Cipriani after a long time hiding from the law abroad because he accidentally killed a man. Having returned to his hometown of Liberty City, he is a member of the Leone crime family. However, after returning to the city that is considered free by everyone, it has become chaotic and criminal families are at war with each other for power and this place is on the verge of destruction. destroyed by greed, drugs, and losing the morality of the whole society.GTA Liberty City Stories Mod

Open map with 3rd person perspective

An adventure game with a new style with open map design, players will experience with an attractive 3rd person perspective. The map of GTA Liberty City Stories Mod has the same design as the Grand Theft Auto 3 game, but the difference here is that it has combined the advantages and overcome the disadvantages to create harmony and flexibility between the two. players and games. Besides, players can control the character flexibly in the map and rhythmically to each step. Everything from the environment to the surrounding scenery can be viewed through the camera, which makes it more interesting and attractive for players.

Featured character system

Hack GTA Liberty City Stories possesses diverse characters and attractive combat, besides with a third-person perspective, players will have a panoramic view of everything around them. In addition, the game gives you a lot of different weapons such as pistols, sniper rifles, knives, swords, even grenades full of damage. Along with that, you can upgrade weapons to become more damaging. The game allows you to customize your character to become more prominent and different with the provided tools such as tattoos, skin color, face, costumes, gloves, etc. For example, if you love If you like the strong and stylish, then get some tattoos on the character’s body and choose a dark skin color with a dusty outfit, it will exude a character’s beauty.GTA Liberty City Stories Mod

Complete missions and show bravery

During the course of participating in the game you will have to complete the tasks that the system provides, to increase the appeal and attract players GTA Liberty City Stories Mod provides more than 10 different tasks for you to do. Each mission will be different challenges for you to explore in a Mafia world. With such a unique open world you can do all the things you like and are not subject to the constraints or limitations of the system. Be a brave guy who dares to do things that not everyone can do such as trading big deals, using weapons to kill people, and steal valuable things. Everything is done in this one game world.

Graphics and sound effects

As a new version improved and upgraded from many advantages compared to previous versions GTA Liberty City Stories Mod has a sharp 3D graphic design. The context of the game has been meticulously elaborated and detailed by the developer to each angle, which helps players to participate in a more general and attractive game. In addition, the character design is designed with a strong, dusty style of the Gypsy guys to make the player feel much more realistic when controlling. Along with that, when the game uses a 3rd person perspective and combined sound quality with very realistic noises, it gives players more excitement when participating.GTA Liberty City Stories Mod

When you download the mod version of GTA Liberty City Stories on our LMHMod page, you will experience the interesting unlimited money feature, then you can freely shop and equip yourself with guns. Modern with high attack power. Besides, to help players have a smooth and attractive experience, the system has improved graphics and many other features. Download now GTA Liberty City Stories Mod to control the character to participate in a Mafia world and do the things you like.

Download GTA Liberty City Stories Mod APK 2.4 (Unlimited Money, Money)

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