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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)
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If you are a person who likes guns in general and likes shooting games in particular. Then the gameplay that I am about to introduce to you right here is for you. Gun Idle is an extremely attractive gun battle game with extremely dramatic and tense battles. Join the game, players will own the most modern guns in the world. When it comes to each gun battle, players need to have a high degree of concentration and handle the situation quickly. Even 1 minute of your indifference can lead to instant death. The extremely diverse game modes give you a very new experience. Do not get bored when playing games for a long time. Especially the online game mode allows you to compete and compete directly with other players in the world. Each victory you will receive extremely valuable gifts. Players will know you more and you will be involved in more epic battles. Download this gameplay right away and fight with the admin right away.

Download Gun Idle Mod – Join the gunfight in the world’s greatest arena

Gun Idle Mod takes you to a one-on-one battle. If you destroy all the enemies and win, you will get a lot of money and have tickets to the bigger tournament. And if you fail, being defeated by the enemy, you will lose everything and have nothing left. When you first enter the game, you will be given training battles to get used to the game and gameplay. Improve your skills by practicing with the boss or you can also fight normally. The arsenal is extremely diverse and equipped with the most modern guns in the world. In addition, there are also unique and extremely new guns. The special thing about this game that other games do not have. That is when you want to have new guns, you need to conduct the process of putting guns together. From basic guns gradually to the most modern guns.

Gun Idle Mod

How to pair guns

When you first enter the game you will have a basic gun. You can’t proceed with the gun matching process right away because you don’t have the money yet. At the same time, you also do not have enough materials to be able to combine 2 guns together. You can only pair 2 guns of the same type together. 2 different guns will not perform this function. This process is like a business process. First, you will have to spend money to buy low-level guns. Then combine them to form higher-level guns, with greater power. When successfully grafted, you can leave them and use them or if you want to earn extra income, you can sell them. Repeat this process you will get a lot of money that can buy more guns. When completing missions or opening gifts from events, you can get low-level guns.

Game Gun Idle Mod

Diverse gun system

Your arsenal has more than 50 guns with different types of guns for you to choose from. Each gun, each type of gun will have its own characteristics. So you need to learn carefully the characteristics of each type of gun to be able to maximize their power. Hack Gun Idle you can also upgrade the parameters of the gun such as Ammo, strength, fire rate, rate of fire, stability. To be able to participate in great battles and Kill enemies more easily. Try to master the guns you have. This will help you not only understand the guns better but also be able to shoot them on target more easily. Be a smart investor, choose good guns to upgrade. You should remember that the ultimate purpose of your upgrade is to make a profit.

Top gunfights

To be able to participate in the top arenas, you need not only good skills. But you also need to have professional shooting experience to be able to bring yourself noble titles in the big arena. The top gun competitions it’s like a large scale tournament. When you shoot the most points, you win. And to win, you need to pass the rounds from the qualifying round to the final. Try to equip yourself with upgraded guns. The best guns to help you win easier.

Gun Idle Mod hack game

Gun Idle is a shooting game in the sports genre on mobile. Bring players an extremely interesting gun battle arena. This is really a great success of the game publisher when it is extremely warmly supported by the MOBA gaming community. Gun Idle Mod is different from the regular version at that point. If in the normal version, you will have to perform the extremely expensive and laborious process of pairing guns to be able to own the best guns. Then in this version, you will unlock all VIP and unlock all the best guns. This will help you have a much easier match.

Download Gun Idle Mod APK 1.13 (Money, Unlocked, VIP, No ADS)

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