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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
  • Money does not decrease when spent
  • Shop for free even if you don’t have enough money

Accompany all people in the game Harvest Island Mod. As the tribal chief holds the leadership of all the people in the tribe. Your task is to build a town on vast islands in the ocean. Arrange work, combine strategies to develop the town. To develop agriculture by cultivating crops and raising livestock. Harvest and take away to consume to earn money. Lots of different activities in town for you to do. With that comes strategic factors over time. Using it effectively will make your town a livable place. In particular, the number of people in the tribe is not limited. You can manage a large number of people to work, build a town together. The larger the number of people, the more prosperous the town is.

Download Harvest Island Mod – Medieval Town Building and Development

The gameplay of Harvest Island Mod is designed in a sandbox-style. Built-in style, with a medieval setting. Start from building the town. Lots of production facilities, residential buildings, windmills, houseboats, etc. Turn your town into a densely populated place with many different buildings. Each production building plays an important role in the development of the town. Typically, windmills are responsible for creating wheat to be transported to other places. Warehouses are used to store food and collected resources. Or houseboats built close to the coast. Used for fishing and exploiting resources in the ocean. Build each different construction in turn to develop the town. Then you will have the opportunity to explore the new island. Take your people with you to continue building a new town on a new island.Harvest Island Mod

Lots of quests to perform

Besides town-building, Harvest Island Mod has a lot of different activities for you to explore. Design, research, upgrade production, business and explore new lands. In it, upgrading and trading are two closely related factors so you can earn a lot of money. The production buildings after being upgraded will increase the harvest. Combined with business, you find places where people gather. Through the use of ships to wait for goods. Then sell to those who need to buy, from there will make a lot of money. Using the money you earn, you continue to develop the town. In addition, during the exploration, you have the opportunity to find treasure. If you are lucky to collect rare items, you will earn a lot of money from transactions.Game Harvest Island Mod

People, merge to upgrade

In Harvest Island Mod, all activities that take place are done by the people. Your task is only to organize work and perform important activities. The rest, the people are the workers that help you with tasks like mining, production, harvesting, and more. Each citizen has a unique working style, as well as the effect that they bring. If you want, you can upgrade the people in the tribe to work more efficiently. Merge a certain number of villagers together and you can upgrade. Then surely people will work hard and work progress will also increase. Bring your town to life with productive constructions. And a thriving development with lots of fun activities going on.Tai Harvest Island Mod

Hire managers, people and upgrade production facilities

Over time the town’s development. Quests and jobs in Harvest Island Mod are more and more. Make it impossible for you to manage and perform the whole thing. This will reduce the town’s revenue and operational productivity. Therefore, the most effective and optimal solution is to hire managers and people. Use the money you earn, hire managers to help you with important tasks. Hire people to speed up work in production facilities. At the same time upgrade production facilities. That will give you a lot of resources, in bulk.Download Harvest Island Mod

Join the adventure of Harvest Island Mod to explore new lands. You have the opportunity to collect rare treasures when opened can get purple diamonds. Along with the reward received, you will have to face danger. Fight monsters and goblins to continue your adventure in new lands. They will attack and kill the people who are in the process of exploring. Apart from fighting, your people have no other choice.

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