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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)

1. No Crosshair Moving – On / Off
2. No Accuracy – On / Off
3. Unlimited Ammo – On / Off
4. No Reload – On / Off
5. Free Purchase – On / Off
6. No Kill Can – On / Off
7. Enemy don’t Attack – Off

Hazmob FPS Mod is a newly released action game. Bring a whole new shooting style. Along with a lot of interesting features added, from guns, maps to gameplay. Designed to be diverse, inspiring you during the experience. Haz LTD developer inspired by extreme terrorist wars. The elite soldiers of the army join the battle to destroy the saboteurs. When participating in the game, you have the task of destroying terrorists. Use the equipped gun as a combat tool. Attacks all enemies that appear in the arena, causing them to die. Lots of different quests and activities for you to explore. Take on the role of a sniper. You need the most accurate shot to win.

Download Hazmob FPS Mod – Brand New Online Shooting War

Hazmob FPS Mod opens an online battle with other players. Along with that is a lot of different game modes for you to participate in. Come to ranked mode to show your shooting skills. Kill all enemies in real-time to win. From there climb the rankings. Team mode allows you to fight with your friends. Form an alliance to fight together to destroy the enemy. This mode requires very high teamwork. Without coordination and support between you and your teammates, it is very easy to lose the match. Or you can fight alone in offline mode. Improve skills and gain experience through battles with monsters. No matter which model you join, you need to focus on fighting to defeat the enemy. Get the best score before time runs out.Dowload Hazmob FPS Mod

Control system

The control interface of Hazmob FPS Mod is optimally designed. The reasonable arrangement, making it easy for players to use and perform all operations quickly. The ability to jump up, sit down with just one touch can be performed. Likewise, changing the magazine, using the reticle, and firing the bullets is just a touch away. With each feature displayed under a unique icon. As well as being arranged in a suitable position, helping you quickly get acquainted. Combined with the move feature is used in the form of a virtual joystick. Allows you to navigate the character to move flexibly. In general, the control system is not too complicated. It is similar to the usual shooting action games. But you need a flexible combination of controls to get the best results.Tai Hazmob FPS Mod

The process of the gun battle

Start gunfight of Hazmob FPS Mod. The two factions will continuously attack each other with equipped guns. The target is only killed when the health is completely depleted. But will respawn after a certain time. The main task of each faction is to destroy as many enemies as possible. Through the bar displays the score and time remaining on the screen. You will keep track of the number of kills on your side and your opponent’s side. The game stops only when the time is up. At that time, the faction that achieves a good achievement has the higher score will win. From there will receive a lot of loot, as well as bonuses.Game Hazmob FPS Mod

Human skills

During the war in Hazmob FPS Mod. Besides the smart strategy of the whole team. Personal skill is also very important, it is the main factor that determines the outcome of the battle. Therefore, you need to improve your shooting skills to shoot enemies accurately. Combine agile observation to detect enemy positions, as well as evade blame when necessary. Take advantage of the terrain to hide, avoid attacks when in danger. At the same time move flexibly on the battlefield to combine with teammates. Change strategy accordingly throughout the battle. Once you do that, your side’s win rate is quite high. As well as more confident when participating in any battle.Hazmob FPS Mod

The game offers more than 20 weapons for you to choose from and use. Each weapon is designed with an impressive design, along with its own unique color. Typical are FAMAS, M4A1, G3/SG-1, SG-550 commando, Dual 96G Elite Berettas, Glock 18, Desert Eagle.50 AE, etc. And many other gun models. However, for the game to be fair. Hazmob FPS Mod’s gun system cannot be upgraded. Therefore, in addition to saving money to unlock a favorite gun. You can only equip other costumes or accessories for the character. Thereby improving the defense ability and increasing the number of health. To be able to withstand multiple waves of enemy attacks if hit by bullets.

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