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NOTE: Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps

A completely new style of football game and completely different from other football games. Head Ball 2 Mod is a 1 vs 1 solo soccer game. Players will not need to control a football team of 11 people on the field and do not need to use and have too many skills related to the ball. . The simple gameplay, players right after downloading the game and watching the clip on how to play on the LMHMOD channel will definitely be able to fight the game easily. Your player will kick the ball with his feet and head and you will have 3 skills to control the player that is forward, backward, and jump to head. Combine these 3 skills and transform them to be flexible and suitable for the situations in each match. Each round will take place for about 120 seconds when the time ends with the higher score, that person wins. Choose for yourself famous players with good skills to help you win easier. Each win you will bring back extremely valuable gifts along with helping your character level up.

Download Head Ball 2 Mod – Fun soccer game on mobile

If you are a person with love and interests as well as a passion for this king sport, you will certainly not be able to ignore this game. Hack Head Ball 2 was released not long ago but has collected hundreds of millions of downloads on mobile, making this game the most sought-after name on mobile. Bringing players to a world of completely new experiences, practicing soccer skills in a simple way. Not just ordinary shots, but when you accumulate enough energy or use the right kicking technique, your players can launch super-powerful shots, burning the net. Items also make your victory easier. However, you need money to be able to buy those items. Try to get a goal advantage for the duration of the match.

Head Ball 2 mod

Exciting new gameplay

True to the nature of the king sport, but Head Ball 2 Mod has a unique feature that is only 1 vs 1 solo competition. Players do not need to control too many players and do not need to spend too much money to play. can own a squad of 11 people on the field. Unleash your passion with a new style of play, entertainment after hours of studying and working hard. Each player will have their own skills and style of football. You need to know the players well to be able to control them easily. Or when you have to face those players, you already know about 60% of the victory. Practice and get used to the gameplay of this gameplay gradually lead to becoming a professional player challenging every opponent in every game.

Head Ball 2 game mod

Diverse game modes and a system of players with special abilities

A very special thing that is certain that only Head Ball 2 has is the player’s superpowers. Each player will have their own special ability. Can transform into a supergiant for a few seconds or can also use a skill that freezes the opponent for a moment, vv… Along with 18 other skills that I can’t, I can tell you all…. Please slowly explore and experience it will be much more wonderful. The game mode is extremely diverse for players to change the experience to not be bored when playing for a long time. The online game mode allows you to compete with other online players, making it much more competitive and exciting. The cheers of the audience made me feel excited and motivated to play better.

Head Ball 2 mod hack

Completely different from the normal version, in this version, players will not have to worry about earning cards to be able to own famous players in the world. In order to create a healthy, free sports playground and help people have moments of entertainment after stressful working and studying hours. We have researched and released the Head Ball 2 Mod version. In this version, players will be free to shop for what they like in the shop for free by unlimited money. Own all famous players easily. Do not hesitate to download this gameplay right away and fight with the admin right away.

Download Head Ball 2 Mod APK 1.188 (Menu, Easy Win)

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