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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)

1. Unlimited Skill Points
2. No Ads

Hell Driver Mod opens a huge world in the city. A madman appeared, resisted, and attacked the functional forces. Perform monstrous actions and attack the police. He is on duty for the gangsters in the city. Unauthorized transactions, attacking people, robbing vehicles on the road. Now, this madman has entered the list of dangerous people who can affect the city. The police forces began a large-scale siege. Chase the madman in a huge city. The determination to capture the madman has put the peace of the city in danger.

Download Hell Driver Mod – Become A Crazy In The Big City

Join Hell Driver Mod you play the role of a crazy guy. With an open world, you can perform any action you want. At the same time, you can move freely, do what you like without being banned. However, during your adventure in the city. You will be chased by the police force. Even if you try to escape, they will attack, causing you to lose your life. To survive the siege of a large number of police forces. You can choose to attack or escape. Depending on how dangerous you are, kill more people or perform different actions. The higher the level of danger, the more police chase.Download Hell Driver Mod

Freedom to do any action

In the vast city of Hell Driver Mod. Being a crazy guy yourself, you are free to do all different actions. Typically, attacking pedestrians, and even killing them with weapons in hand. Destroy vehicles by firing bullets at cars and motorbikes. Or rob their vehicle to move faster. Not stopping there, you can kill the police and destroy their vehicles. Every time you commit any illegal act. Your danger level will increase, expressed through the number of stars, up to 5 stars. When the danger level reaches the maximum, you yourself will be in danger to your life. Because there will be a lot of police chasing, equipped with advanced weapons. At that time, you can lose your life at any time, because everywhere you go, there will be the sound of police cars.Ear Hell Driver Mod

Perform mission

Hell Driver Mod is not just an adventure, explore the city in a simple way. Here, you also have to perform a lot of different tasks. Meet some NPC characters that appear at a certain location. Take the task from them and start doing it. To complete the mission, you need to move to a required location. By observing the distance traveled through the number of meters displayed in the left corner of the screen. Follow its instructions to complete the mission. In the process, you will have to perform a lot of different actions. Attacking pedestrians, robbing vehicles. Or any action that you find enjoyable. After completing the mission, your danger level will be reduced to 0. Also, get a lot of rewards.Hell Driver Mod

Character creation, upgrades

In the early stages of Hell Driver Mod. Your character is shaped in an orange costume, with a demon mask. Simultaneously wields a flamethrower, with the flask strapped to his back. Over time, you can upgrade your character by equipping new guns. Change your look with a more unique outfit. By using the bonuses received in the previous quests. Head into the store to choose and equip your character with a variety of new items.

Lots of guns to choose from

Possess a diverse weapon system with many different types. Typically pistols, rifles, machine guns, spray guns, sniper rifles, etc., and many more. Each gun in Hell Driver Mod is designed with impressive damage ability. With a unique style of use of each gun. You can choose the guns that suit your playing style. When entering the battle, using your favorite weapon will help you feel more excited. In particular, each gun has strong destructive power. Not only used to kill people but also to destroy vehicles.Game Hell Driver Mod

The graphics of Hell Driver Mod are designed to be extremely realistic. With the setting in a large city, the surrounding scenery is portrayed very realistically. From buildings, vehicles to people in the city. Combined with realistic sound, expressed through gunfire, car sounds when moving. In addition, the control mechanism of the game is also very unique. Be changed dynamically and appropriately every time you take action. For example, when traveling normally and when driving on cars or motorbikes.

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