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Hello Kitty Nail Salon Mod is a Casual game, published by Budge Studios. This is a developer founded in 2010. Specializing in designing educational games for children around the world. With a noble mission, Budge Studios was honored to receive the ESBB Award. Join the game, accompany Hello Kitty on the way to becoming a famous nail designer. With the task of beautifying customers with unique nails. Challenge yourself with beautiful nail designs. Design and create your own unique nail designs. Making customers feel satisfied, with the goal of developing their own Salon.

Download Hello Kitty Nail Salon Mod – Become a Nail Design Expert

Come to Hello Kitty Nail Salon Mod to become an expert nail designer. Your mission is to develop a salon with beautiful nails. The game requires the player’s design skills and creativity. Through the paint colors, stickers that the system provides. You will use it to color your client’s nails, giving them a beautiful manicure. The meticulousness and detail through each layer of paint, along with the unique stickers will leave a good impression. A harmonious combination of nail polish colors and stickers will help customers own a favorite set of nails. Taking turns beautifying customers when they come to the store, you will improve your design skills. From there can get many different titles of a professional nail designer.Hello Kitty Nail Salon Mod

Steps to create a set of nails

To design a complete set of nails, Hello Kitty Nail Salon Mod requires a lot of stages. You need to take each step, in turn, to be able to complete it. Start from polishing the entire nail to prepare to design beautiful nails. Choose from the paint bottles provided to apply to the client’s nails. Then look for unique stickers to organize and apply to your nails. Do each nail in turn, gradually you will complete a complete set of nails. Each set of nails will include many different colors and stickers. Depending on the customer, you need to fulfill their requirements in order to receive satisfaction. Each set of nails corresponds to 5 fingers. You can design 5 different templates or share a template as you like.Download Hello Kitty Nail Salon Mod

Design skills, suitable selection

The game requires the skill and creativity of the player. From choosing nail designs that match the skin color of the customer. Until the selection of paint colors and sticker templates to help customers have the desired nail set. Moreover, Hello Kitty Nail Salon Mod requires meticulousness through each nail. Therefore, you need to improve your design skills through each level. Try to create beautiful nails, make customers feel satisfied. The biggest difficulty is choosing the right nail designs. Then you just need to choose the paint color and choose the appropriate stickers to apply to the nails.Hello Kitty Nail Salon Mod

Paint bottles, mixing many nail polish colors

The game offers a lot of different paint jars for you to choose from. Including blue, red, purple, yellow, white, black, gray, brown, … and many other paint colors. Every paint color in Hello Kitty Nail Salon Mod is mixed with glitter. Help you design unique nails, impress customers. Moreover, one nail can be painted in many different colors. However, not all paint colors mixed together to create a unique beauty. So you need to choose carefully and use your eyes to see the difference when deciding to apply multiple colors on one nail. Learn which incompatible colors to avoid, thereby creating a unique set of nails.Hello Kitty Nail Salon Mod

Various stickers

In addition to choosing paint colors to paint on the customer’s nails. Hello Kitty Nail Salon Mod also has a lot of stickers for you to choose from. Each sticker is uniquely designed, with different symbols, animals, and fruits. For example, familiar with ice cream, duck, carrot, apple, flower, … and many more stickers waiting for you to discover. Choose the right stickers to apply to the nails. Combined with the same color that you painted before, will create a complete set of nails.

After completing a manicure, Hello Kitty Nail Salon Mod will rely on the star to test your level. If your skills and design level are better, you will receive a noble star. From there, you will gain a lot of different titles. Gradually become an expert nail designer with impressive skills.

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