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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)

1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Diamonds
3. Unlocked Race

Hex Commander Mod opens a war between humans, elves, dwarves, and zombies. You play as General Percival Kent sent to the battlefield by the king. With the task of leading the army of the country against the invasion of the enemy. This is a strategy game, with turn-based gameplay. Requires the strategic skills of a general, building a battle formation suitable for each battle. Take part in exciting campaigns, wielding the power of combat units. Defeat the enemy army and win. At the same time protect the kingdom safe from the dangers around. A series of challenges and extremely dramatic battles are waiting for you to explore.

Download Hex Commander Mod – The War To Protect The Kingdom From Goblin Attack

The setting of Hex Commander Mod is in a nostalgic kingdom. This place is located deep in a large forest, covered with green trees. The goblins discovered the kingdom, they waged wars beneath the heart. With the hope of taking over the kingdom to turn into its own colony. Realize the danger that will happen if it is not prevented in time. The king sent his knight Percival Kent into battle. Lead an army to fight to protect the kingdom. You transform into General Percival Kent. With the task of recruiting knights and combat units to participate in the war. Defeating the enemy army, in turn, will help you become a famous general. Gain the king’s trust and fulfill the duties of a general.Download Hex Commander Mod

Turn-based gameplay, harness power, face many enemies

Combat in Percival Kent is turn-based. Your army and your opponent’s army enter a vast battlefield. The two factions will take turns attacking until the forces of one of the two factions are completely annihilated. During the course of the battle, you need to harness the power of the combat units effectively. At the same time, use the skills of the vanguard knight to deal great damage to the enemy squad. Your enemies are of many different backgrounds. Like goblins, blue devils, or even undead. Faced with such dangerous enemies, you need to have a smart strategy to fend off their attacks. Arrange the formation suitable for many different positions, learn the skills of each combat unit. Improve the strength of the knight, causing the enemy force to be completely defeated.Game Hex Commander Mod

3 PvP modes, tactics change accordingly

In addition to the single-player mode of Hex Commander Mod, you can participate in 3 other PvP modes. Includes Battle, Royale, and Capture the Flag. Each mode opens up many different battles, with extremely attractive developments. No matter which model you experience, the ultimate goal is to defeat the enemy army. At the same time, the difficulty and gameplay in each mode are also different. Requires your strategy to change accordingly for each mode in each battle. Show off your skills as a military leader, by defeating the enemy’s army. Win on every fierce battlefield. That will help you get bonuses and a lot of valuable items.Hex Commander Mod

Campaign Humans, Goblins, Orcs, and Goblins

Hex Commander Mod provides players with 4 attractive campaigns. Each campaign opens up a different space, gameplay, and ways of fighting. Starting from the Human campaign, you play as the knight Percival Kent. Entrusted by the king to lead his army to fight the goblins. The Goblin campaign puts you at war with the leader of the goblins. It was an archer, capable of striking with deadly arrows. Your mission is to find a hero to overcome the power of the goblin leader. Step into the Orcs and Goblins campaign. With the task of finding out the cause of the floods that have destroyed many lands. Here, you control the dragon god and support from the elves Vulpis. At the same time must face the powerful Orc warrior.Tai Hex Commander Mod

Enter the ultimate campaign of Hex Commander Mod. This is the battle that will decide the survival of the Dwarven kingdom. You need to recruit all 3 heroes to be the vanguard in each battle. Each hero possesses a unique strength and fighting ability. Typical as spells, archers, assassins, cavalry, and more. Choose 3 suitable heroes to build a strong fighting squad. Defeat many unknown enemies in previous campaigns. Complete the duties of a general when entrusted by the king.

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