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When participating in Hidden City, you will transform into a detective in a magical land. Your main task is to solve puzzles to rescue your captured teammates. Those monsters present a lot of difficult challenges to hinder the player’s feelings of boredom. You will have to fight a lot of strange creatures, overcome the gates to rescue your friend. Players can also discover and discover more creepy secrets of the city. The publisher has designed extremely vivid and beautiful images. Create a realistic feeling for players as well as the thrill of entering a mysterious kingdom. With more than 60 different locations on the map, enough for players to explore and enjoy the fun of the game. Conquer distant lands. Use your mind to overcome difficulties, Solve puzzles successfully. Simultaneously destroy strange creatures to find out who is behind all the crimes. Free your friend from danger.

Download Hidden City Mod- Rescue your friend and the emirate

If in other gameplay there is only one game mode, players feel very depressed. Then when you come to Hidden City, you will see the variety of genres created by publisher G5 Entertainment. For example: Find the similarities between two pictures, solve word puzzles, combine pictures, jigsaw puzzles, etc. Players are free to choose the game mode they like, all have been unlocked for you to experience a complete experience. totally free. This makes it possible for players to change game modes continuously without getting bored. Each game screen will have a unique feature, the landscape is constantly changing. To rescue his friend the player needs to solve all the puzzles. Collect important information and knowledge as a premise to be able to pass the next level.

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Various images and effects

In the big city, there is magic everywhere. Realistic, vivid images attract many players’ attention. 2D graphics is probably no stranger to gamers around the world. Although this graphic background does not give really great image quality. But with a unique design from the publisher, players still feel the difference and have a lot to explore. Many maps have beautiful scenery, like opening up in front of the player a very vivid and colorful new world. Make players feel like they want to discover the mysteries behind them. Especially the visual and sound effects in each situation leave a deep impression on players. The magical city appears extremely lively. The background music in the game is quite gentle, creating a relaxing feeling for the player.

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Explore the mysterious city

In the game, there are more than 60 different locations on the map for gamers to freely choose to experience. Help the detective and find his friend quickly. The higher the level, the more difficult the level of play, with a huge number of more than 5000 missions you need to complete all to get to the final destination. When completed, the player will receive many valuable items, useful for the next level. The publisher creates 732 different collections from pieces of items. You should collect all those items as luggage to be able to conquer many new heights.

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Rich NCP system

The gameplay has a very diverse NCP with a number of more than 45 characters with different styles and strengths. In each different location, players will have their own stories and missions. Depending on the requirements of that task, you can choose how to complete it. The amount of monsters in the game is also very large, requiring us to have a certain strategy to be able to destroy them. Choose the appropriate character to solve the puzzles in each level.

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If in some other games of the same genre, players need to pay to buy characters and items. Then Hidden City completely allows gamers to experience it for free. No need to spend a little money can still have a wonderful experience. The game mode is really diverse for gamers to change the atmosphere and discover more interesting things. When playing the game for a long time, it does not feel boring. The challenges will be greatly increased in difficulty when you have played the game for a long time. Download Hidden City Mod and become a know-it-all who can solve all the puzzles in his difficult adventure journey.

Download Hidden City Mod APK 1.44.4401 (Unlimited Money)

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