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Challenge yourself in the knife-throwing game Hit Master 3D Mod. The player plays the role of a professional spy. Get the mission to rescue the hostages as they are being held by the robbers. Using a knife in your hand, you participate in exciting action levels. Target accurately and hurl knives at enemies, knocking them down. Facing so many enemies in front of him, the skill of an assassin is an indispensable factor. If you lose focus or let the enemy close, your life will be in danger. Therefore, quickly defeat the enemy in silence, causing them to fall before you are attacked. The game belongs to the action game genre, published by CASUAL AZUR GAMES. Promises to take you on an exciting adventure.

Download Hit Master 3D Mod – Become an Assassin with Hostage Rescue Mission

The gameplay of Hit Master 3D Mod is quite simple but no less interesting. Your mission is to rescue hostages being held by dangerous criminals. They have not only a few names but a large army. The enemy is divided into different groups, each of which holds several hostages. They will attack when you appear within the territory. You need to take down each criminal in turn to complete the mission. In the process of rescuing the hostages, you have to face many difficulties. Not only the number of crimes but also a lot of other factors. In particular, skill is one of the most important factors, determining your victory. If you are approached by criminals, you will be attacked. Or unfortunately, the knife hit the hostage, the game is considered over.Download Hit Master 3D Mod

Many levels, throwing knives to hit criminals to complete the mission

The mission system of Hit Master 3D Mod is divided into many different levels. Starting the first level, you use the knife in your hand as a weapon. Move flexibly on many difficult terrains, aim accurately. Throw a knife to the head to make the criminal lie down. Kill each group of criminals in turn, you will take hostages to the helicopter waiting at the bottom of the map. After successfully putting them on the plane, you will complete the mission. Also, get the bonus and go to the next level. However, be careful with the hostages. Because in the process of fighting crime, hostages appear in that crowd. If you are unfortunate enough to throw a knife at the hostages, they will lose their lives. At that time, your mission will fail and have to play again from the beginning.Game Hit Master 3D Mod

Take advantage of the oil tank, the difficulty increases with each level

Taking advantage of items appearing on the map makes it easier to solve problems faster. During the hostage rescue, oil tanks will appear in a number of different locations. Using it effectively will help you quickly defeat many enemies. For example, when criminals gather around oil tanks in large numbers. You must throw the knife accurately to create a big explosion, causing all criminals to lose their lives. Besides, the difficulty of Hit Master 3D Mod also increases gradually after each level. From the number of enemies to the hostages that need to be rescued will be more. Along with the enemy’s stamina also increases, making it very difficult for you to defeat them all. Improve knife-throwing skills through each previous level for better efficiency. Taking down each enemy, in turn, will help you complete the task excellently.Hit Master 3D Mod

Various types of crimes

As mentioned above, the enemies in Hit Master 3D Mod are criminals. They use a variety of weapons such as knives, baseball bats, even wrenches. No matter what weapon the criminal uses, you must be cautious. Because they can cause damage, even take your life. However, the tolerance of each criminal is different. You can identify by shape and size. Bigger criminals will have better stamina. Causing you to hit a few knives to be able to kill.Tai Hit Master 3D Mod

Each level of Hit Master 3D Mod takes place in real-time. At a certain time, you need to destroy all the criminals and rescue the hostages. After the time is up, if you can’t successfully rescue the hostages, you will lose. On the contrary, by completing tasks early, you will achieve higher achievements. Besides, the graphics of the game are designed bright. With vivid image quality, and fun-style character creation. Help you have the exciting adventures of a spy, cum assassin mission.

Download Hit Master 3D Mod APK 1.7.3 (Unlimited Money)

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