Homescapes Mod APK 4.9.1 (Menu, Unlimited Stars) Download

Update October 20, 2021 (2 years ago)
  • The number of stars does not decrease when spent!

Homescapes was a game when it first came out and for a long time. Has become the hottest search name on mobile in general and topped the game chart on CH play and APP store in particular. This game is a game created and operated on the basis and gameplay of 2 titles. Players will have to solve puzzles and decorate the indoor landscape in an extremely interesting way. Players will not be able to predict what will happen ahead and are always curious to explore. That’s why this game has attracted players by this mysterious newness. This gameplay really does what other games can’t. With creativity and novelty, it quickly captures the hearts of fans easily. And this game will bring you back to your childhood.

Download Homescapes Mod – Return to your childhood with interesting and unique experiences

Homescapes Mod is like a flying saucer that brings players back to the extremely intense childhood that each of us has experienced. Childhood is the time when we feel the happiest and proudest. Because at that age, I don’t have to think much and have fun playing the things I like. The age of innocence, innocence, and thoughtlessness is wonderful. The gameplay is very simple. You just need to solve the puzzles and put the same items together. Then they will destroy themselves and gradually all the way, you will win. After successfully solving 3 puzzles, you will receive gold coins. You can use gold coins to quickly get help or something you like. Accompany old man Austin to help him successfully solve 3 puzzles by downloading this gameplay right away and fighting right away.

Homescapes Mod

Diverse mission system with challenges waiting

More than 400 missions with different levels for you to experience. When you are new to the game, try to complete the tasks that are easy to do so that you can get used to the gameplay and how the game works. Gradually, as you progress to higher levels, you will come to a bit more difficult challenges. And at the same time, the tasks will correspond to the same gifts. When you perform a difficult task, it means that the gifts you receive will be enormous. When you earn a lot of money, try to bring home valuable items.

Puzzles and designs for the house

Does your house have so many items or not, beautiful or not is up to you to design and implement. In solving puzzles, you can learn more ways to destroy items around you. When you connect more and more surrounding objects together. Then the destructive power will be greater and especially will be able to enter the special prize. That is creating a giant explosion that helps you win faster and easier. When designing your house. You will be able to choose from bright and cute decorations and items. On the 3D graphics platform, you will have the most realistic house and the most similar to your imagination. You can also learn from other players to expand your knowledge and solve more puzzles.

Homescapes Mod

Fun sounding 3D graphics

With over 100 million mobile downloads with tens of thousands of positive reviews. And especially a large number of gamers rated very positively and very highly about the game’s graphics. You can be brought back to your childhood with fun gadgets and gadgets. Not only that, but you can also feel the extremely realistic simulation of Hack Homescapes. The image of funny and cute people gives players a feeling of relaxation and fun after hours of studying and working. The sound of the game is very attractive. Because you can see that the background music of the game is very funny and makes the player feel more attracted. Explosive effects create more motivation for players to overcome more difficult levels.

Return to our childhood with unforgettable happy memories right in Homescapes. This game is really a big success for the game developer. But I recommend you to use the Homescapes Mod version with an extremely interesting infinite star feature. The objects in your home are all 5-star luxury items. Feel free to design and decorate your home easily with this version. And a special thing is that this version is completely free.

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