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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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1. Unlimited Gold Coins*
2. Unlimited Diamonds*
*All works even values become in minus

Have you ever thought about how we are developing at the present stage, have to go through the process of change. Homo Evolution: Human Origins Mod itself reproduces that process, allowing people to understand more stages of human change in society. The game is developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES. Created for people who want to experience, put themselves in the process. Humans originated from a species that crossed the neck and then developed into a human, going through many stages to the present. It even simulates beyond what’s going on, to people in the future. You are in the game as a supreme being, building up human civilization in a sequential cycle. How everyone lives is up to you to decide.

Download Homo Evolution: Human Origins Mod – Human Evolution Cycle

Create your own world through the game Homo Evolution: Human Origins Mod. All human development in this game is up to you to decide, such as how people will live or live. First, you have to create the environment to spawn creatures from the eggs. After many evolutions, many different species were born. When these species are brought together, they will form a new, more developed individual. Starting from animals and then becoming ancient species, then humans were formed. Just like that, you help people develop gradually, build up human civilization, start human society. Then make it follow a cycle that makes it grow more and more beyond the present towards the future.Ears Homo Evolution Mod

Simple How To Play

The gameplay of Homo Evolution: Human Origins Mod is very simple, just press, press, and press. To begin with, it is necessary to have life appear, buy yourself a creature that gives the first life to the earth. At that time you put your hand up, it immediately cracked open a lizard, at that time your money also increased. Repeating this over and over again, constantly buying more creatures like that, but if nothing is done, it will only appear the same species. You need to pull two animals of the same species together, immediately something magical happens. Creatures go on like that and then evolve into a higher species. Until the end the evolution of animals to monkeys is final. You simply have to repeat the same actions, and the time will come when human society will appear.Download Homo Evolution Mod


As you know, human civilization has been developed since the beginning of time, from the time when primitive people were still hunter-gatherers. Then there was one thing that changed people, that was, they knew how to produce and create material wealth. In Homo Evolution: Human Origins Mod, humans also evolved to be what they are now, must also go through many stages, similar events. It is not a single shot that can evolve dramatically, but it must be gradually, there must be movement, for the new evolution to appear. There is no long process to develop, but if you want to evolve right away, it is likely that people will fall behind.Game Homo Evolution Mod

Fantasy Future

According to the design that Homo Evolution: Human Origins Mod is aiming for, human evolution does not just stop at the present as the researchers have confirmed. The game also creates a future scenario with human evolution continuing to develop further. How will it branch out? People still develop technology to modernize the industry in the future, or then people will degenerate. Only trying to play will know where the future of humans with evolution will go.Homo Evolution Mod

Homo Evolution: Human Origins Mod recreates human evolution from ancient times to the present day and looks to the future. It’s a long process, where you have to combine similar creatures to help evolve to a new level. But to get that, it takes money to buy creatures to help the evolution process. The game has an Unlimited Money Mod feature, so you will easily accelerate human evolution. Gaining a large amount of progress can be purchased continuously, creating many creatures, helping people to grow faster.

Download Homo Evolution: Human Origins Mod APK 1.5.17 (Unlimited Money)

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