Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon Mod APK 2.21.4 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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There are many people who consider fishing as an entertaining game, helping to relax their minds and integrate themselves more with nature, especially for themselves the achievements are fish, but not everyone has for themselves. When you have free time, go fishing means you have to have the right time and place, Hooked Inc Mod will give you the feeling of fishing anywhere as well as fun when fishing for real. The game developed by Lion Studios is widely available to everyone to be able to download and access it most easily and completely free of charge is also negligible. I guarantee you will find it fascinating to fish on your fishing boat amidst the vast sky and have results, maybe the small fish if the big fish is really great.

Download Hooked Inc Mod – Become A Fishing Player

In the beginning, you will only have yourself a small boat with your small fishing rod to start your journey to the vast sea surrounded by water to be able to show your fishing skills for fish. big. If you think that fishing is simple, the Hooked Inc Mod will give you a different look, you have to choose for yourself where you need to place but not too difficult when you can see from the top down you can see the silhouette of the fish. Swim in the water to choose the right time to jerk the lever when you see a fish hooked, see if you are the lucky one to have a good pile of fish.Game Hooked Inc Mod

If you really love the fishing game, you can do your best, give yourself the results of large and large fish, which will give you a great fee or experience to have. can further develop a fishing career. This is a friend fishing in a large ocean, not knowing in advance what might happen, but there are many types of fish here, maybe you can give yourself rare fishes that are really great. Become a hard-working fishing player.

Fishing Development

Hack Hooked Inc is not simply for you to become a fisherman, but it is to satisfy as many players as possible about fishing, to know more about this profession to develop it really this game is very interesting. taste and appeal. Having money for fishing and selling them, is not too much money but will be the start for you to develop your fishing career, you can upgrade items to serve the fishing of boats. more modern than a more powerful fishing rod. In order to be able to go to further places to catch other fish species, fish new species, and get more results both to show off to everyone and to earn extra income. Or if you feel that you are not strong enough to be able to fish, you can hire more people to increase your fish production, but to hire it will take precious hours to unlock,Tai Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon Mod


The graphics of Hooked Inc Mod are not too complicated but designed as a 3D pixel animation, you will probably find it not too much better than other fishing games, but you can not deny it is no less when the images are also very well-rounded. The game is also designed with all types of fishing as well as developed so that it is not boring, runs smoothly without jerking or wandering, you still feel the greatness that the game brings when catching fish. quite different viewing all kinds of species in different blue seas around the world.

Hooked Inc Mod is a fishing game that starts from a small boat with a fishing rod, choose where to drop the rod to be able to catch the fish watching a vast blue sea, below is a silhouette of fish swimming. swim. Show your fishing ability to be caught by a large fishing boat to see what species of fish are in the sea to see what species of fish you know as well as to see if there are rare fish and develop fishing gradually. To grow as well as catch more fish or to larger seas, you must upgrade yourself to the Unlimited Money boat when you use it, the more it will increase, get a huge amount of money it will help you. Let you grow into a fishing empire quickly.

Download Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon Mod APK 2.21.4 (Unlimited Money)

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