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Horror Show Mod is an action game released by Azur Interactive Games with the horror style of Zombies. The setting takes place on an island vacation with you and a few more accompanied by a long-abandoned farm with signs not approaching. With curiosity and curiosity, you and some of your friends came up with the idea of ​​exploring that abandoned farm, where a mystery with darkness covered the scene created. very scary and gloomy. Unfortunately, there was a psychopath, who considered it his own territory and would kill anyone who entered it. In the face of danger and choosing between life and death, how would you do it?

Horror Show Mod – Choose Life Or Death

In the beginning, when you enter the Horror Show Mod you will have two options: Survival and Maniac, the missions will be transformed and transformed depending on your choice. If you choose Survival, it means you choose to survive, then your mission is to run away and rescue others from the killer who is always looking for and destroying life. If you choose Maniac it means you choose the madman, then your task is to kill all those encountered and always hunt for life to destroy.

Horror Show Mod


Make an assertive choice and become a survivor or a psychopath. Most Horror Show Mod players choose a psychopath because they have the same opinion, instead of running away from fear, become the fear of others, having a weapon in hand to always hunt and kill people. who violated the rules that I set out earlier. When playing in this Maniac mode, you can guess what the survivor is doing and easily follow and find a chance to kill. Besides this mode, you will become a brainy killer when creating different and unique killings.

How to control the character

How to play Horror Show Mod is quite simple with the easy character control system, you will quickly get acquainted on the mobile screen. Use the left finger to move the character with the D-Pad control button, the right side of the screen is the icon bar when clicked to help you manipulate actions. Your task is to control the character to move randomly in the map until it encounters something interactive at a close distance, then the icon bar will appear. For example, if you choose to survive when approaching a medicated item, a pickup icon bar will appear to help you collect and use it to heal.Game Horror Show Mod

Character system

In the early stages of playing the Hack Horror Show, you can only choose from 4 different characters, but after a period of time, you can collect and unlock many other characters. Each character has different characteristics and actions that make players feel interesting to participate. Besides, after completing the mission you will receive a bonus amount corresponding to the achievement achieved in the game screen. They are used for players to upgrade their characters like strength or faster movement speed. Speed ​​is a very important indicator in the game, no matter what mode it will be your advantage to escape or hunt.

Graphic design

Horror Show Mod is designed with dark, scary graphics and most of the scene is in the dark. The image is elaborately elaborated with dark colors, along with the appearance of a ruined, sprawling farm, creating a creepy horror of this place. Character design with scary shapes and bloody scenes have created the features of this game, you will feel lost in the world of Zombies. The creepy sound created excitement for players to participate.

When downloading the Mod version of the Horror Show Mod game, players will experience the exciting free shopping feature, then you can freely purchase the necessary items and unlock the scary character you love. prefer. The game is entertaining, scary, download the Horror Show Mod to experience a gruesome world with dark scenes. You will choose life to flee from death or choose a madman in search of life.

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