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Hotel Empire Tycoon is a fascinating game for those who want to be a real manager in the future. At first, you will be challenged from a low role to key positions in management. The publisher has set up the game with a full-scale system, diverse infrastructures, and colors, making the user experience overwhelmed. Have you ever had a dream since childhood that you will become a luxury hotel manager? Your experience is accumulated through each position you experience, to meet the requirements to advance to higher positions. Then you will become a powerful person and manage this worldwide hotel chain …

Download Hotel Empire Tycoon Mod – The Boss Hotel Chain

You will become a great president of the employees in your huge and sustainable company. Hack Hotel Empire Tycoon is one of the rarest construction simulation games in the Vietnamese or world simulation game village. Build a hotel empire with macro-class hotel chains to top the gaming world. An electronic world of your own that is second to none, build a hotel kingdom that you rule. You must be a real executive in a professional style, do not focus on a certain area that you manage all areas of the company such as finance, services, employees.

Hotel Empie Tycoon Mod

The publisher knows how to create charisma for the experience, making it hard for them to resist. The series of tasks will become the jobs that you must perform when you experience the game. The first thing you need to build infrastructure, next will be the splendid decoration and finally the entertainment areas to dining. Set your position to satisfied guests who have experienced this service. Win the game and get the absolute score.

Formation simulation

Like in each of our lives, nothing is easy, so it’s the same in getting rich. When you first experience the Hotel Empire Tycoon, you will just be a small-scale hostel with few rooms and low service. You need to work hard, coupled with wholehearted service. Because then you can make a lot of money or attract more customers. Having passion helps you overcome difficulties and achieve success. Initially, you will have to become familiar with how to operate the hostel, how to increase income, and maximize revenue because you do not have much money. After a while of making money, you will definitely need to upgrade your hostel to a more massive scale.

Hotel upgrading and development

What I am sure of is that when you experience Hotel Empire Tycoon, you will not be able to get rich thanks to the small hotel area at first. You will have to constantly earn money to upgrade equipment, furniture, decoration … for your hotel. You also need to build more smart bedrooms, along with amenities such as swimming pools, cafes, restaurants, flower gardens … are essential for customers to rest and relax. If you build more services that go hand in hand with it is profitable and more customers.

game Hotel Empire Tycoon Mod

The process of getting rich

To become the boss of the hotel industry in the world, the first thing you need to do is develop your hotel in the direction of 5-star luxury. You are a talented boss with good leadership qualities, with a diligent staff, along with top-notch service in swimming pools, restaurants, bars, quality rooms … You have more than just that. attracting many guests, also making a lot of money that you will own the top 5-star hotel in the Hotel Empire Tycoon. When you reach such a peak you will be a tycoon in the hotel world.


Hotel Empire Tycoon is the product of the publisher Codigames, a familiar name in the simulation world. Designed by the publisher with colorful and vivid 3D graphics. Makes players feel excited and immersed in the game. The scene is vivid with outstanding images of living activities, and activities taking place in the hotel business will be clearly stated in the truest and most complete way. Your job is just to find out, download the game, and experience!

You are fed up with hard plowing money that goes nowhere, wasting time and effort. So I’m here to give you Hotel Empire Tycoon Mod an extremely rewarding entertainment game. Money is very important, not only in real life but also in the game. This feature will help you comfortably upgrade and expand your own empire. Make you less time-consuming and experience the charm that the game brings. So please pick up the phone and download it now to experience it!

Download Hotel Empire Tycoon Mod APK 1.9.93 (Unlimited Money)

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