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Hunter Assassin 2 Mod is the next version in the series of Hunter Assassin games. The game is provided by the publisher Ruby Game Studio. In this version, many new features have been added. Graphics, context, environment take place in each battle. Especially the tasks in the game, not just the names like before. Now, you will have to fight with strong firepower in the enemy base. Huge tank machines sometimes will be subjected to a sudden attack from missiles. I am an assassin trained to carry out missions in the dark. Hide into your surroundings to destroy enemies. Complete the mission of a gunman in the best way. Continue to come with new, fiercer, and more difficult battles than before.

Download Hunter Assassin 2 Mod – Shooting Battles in Dark Space

The gameplay of Hunter Assassin 2 Mod is similar to its predecessor. Bring a very interesting landscape style. You are taken by helicopter to the battle site. Move through the door to enter the enemy base. In a dark space, soldiers are armed with guns as combat weapons. They use lights to light the way. Your mission is to destroy all enemies on the map. Continue moving into the new door, at the end of the map to go to the next level. Each mission is a challenge, as the difficulty will increase gradually. Requires your combat experience to complete the mission. At the same time going through each war, you need to hone your skills to be able to survive in fierce battles. Develop your heroes’ abilities by upgrading and equipping them with new weapons.Download Hunter Assassin 2 Mod

Style play

During the war in Hunter Assassin 2 Mod. Players can easily observe the position and movement of the enemy. Through the top-down perspective, it helps you to observe the whole map. Walls, wooden crates appear around the map. Placed in many different positions, creating defensive layers that block vision. You need to move smart, avoid being cornered by the enemy. Observe the direction of their movement, avoid the flashlight shining on. Because the enemy can only attack you through the lights. Quickly fire bullets as soon as the enemy detects. Or move to the back, attack them by surprise. Kill each enemy in turn, causing them to die before your deadly gun.Game Hunter Assassin 2 Mod

Collect money, first aid, time bomb

During the fight at Hunter Assassin 2 Mod. Gold coins will drop from enemies after they are destroyed. You need to move to pick up and collect all the gold coins that appear on the map. From there will earn a lot of bonuses, can unlock weapons, and buy new items. Not only that, at a certain position on the puzzle will appear an ambulance. Move and stand on it, your health will be fully restored. In addition, time bombs are placed in some of the paths. After scrolling through, they will be automatically timed. After only a few seconds, it will automatically explode. You need to move quickly to escape the range of the ticking time bomb. Make sure your life is safe to step onto the waiting helicopter.Ear Hunter Assassin 2 Mod

So many heroes

The character system of Hunter Assassin 2 Mod is extremely diverse. Typical such as Hunter Fox, Riley Assassin,… and many more. They are heroes armed with powerful weapons, carrying many different fighting styles. Each hero is designed with an impressive appearance, with unique costumes. At the same time, they are shown strength parameters such as the amount of health, percentage of attack. In particular, heroes can be upgraded to increase their strength. You use the gold coins earned in battles. Upgrade heroes to increase combat ability. Help them survive in dramatic battles. Face the dangers around. Do not succumb to dangerous soldiers armed with advanced weapons.Hunter Assassin 2 Mod

The game offers a diverse weapon system with a lot of different guns. Includes Assault Rifle, Sniper, Burst Rifle, Heavy Shotgun. And there are many other guns waiting for you to discover. Each gun in Hunter Assassin 2 Mod is designed with an impressive design. Can deal massive damage to enemies through bullets. However, each gun has its own fighting style. After equipping the hero, you need to learn the pros and cons of each gun. Only then can they exploit their full potential. For example, the Sniper gun can kill an enemy with just one bullet. But it has no mobility, cannot be flexible when surrounded by many enemies. Or the Assault gun with outstanding mobility. Can fire continuously every time you attack the enemy.

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