Ice Scream 3 Mod APK 1.0.6 (Menu, Lives/Ammo)

Update May 30, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Unlimited Lives
  • Unlimited Ammo

Ice Scream 3 Mod is an Arcade game genre provided by publisher Keplerians Horror Games. With a horror style, players will enter a very different world. With a first-person perspective, it will help you have an extremely realistic experience. Players will be adventured in an extremely scary journey. Along with the gloomy background, it will sometimes startle you. Besides, the game has attracted many other players to join. Not because of the lively gameplay, but instead will help you overcome your own fear. Currently, the number of installs of the game has reached more than 10 million. And get more than 11,000 reviews from all over the world.

Download Ice Scream 3 Mod – Rescue Your Neighbor And Find Out The Ice Cream Man’s Secret

Starting to step into Ice Scream 3 Mod you will immediately notice a gloomy background. Here the main character was lying asleep on the table, suddenly there was a loud noise coming from under the door of the house. Seeing that, he woke up and went downstairs to see what was happening. Opening the door was a very scary sight. The neighbor next door is holding a money gun to the ice cream counter across the street. However, after a while, the scene turned 180 degrees back to that neighbor guy. The ice-cream seller, wearing a half-cheese weird face, threw his gun away. And put ice cream in his mouth, making that guy suddenly become fat and freeze.Ice Scream 3 Mod

Interesting gameplay

The gameplay is quite simple, you will easily get used to and control the character right from the first experience. Step into Ice Scream 3 Mod on the side of the screen, showing a virtual key. By pressing and moving that key, to help the character move and navigate them. The right side of the screen shows a hand, which is a tool for you to interact with objects and things around you. For example, when you come out of the room, you will have to open the door to continue moving. Then bring your hand to the door and press it to open the door. Or you can collect a lot of objects around. Combining movement and interaction flexibly will help you have a smoother experience.Game Ice Scream 3 Mod

Complete mission

By joining Ice Scream 3 Mod, players will have extremely attractive experiences. As mentioned above, the neighbor was harmed by the ice-cream seller. So your mission is to help him out of danger. However, in the process, you will have to face many difficulties and challenges. Puzzles will appear and you need to solve them to continue the journey. Your enemies are also not ordinary. His name is Rod, a man with supernatural powers, but playing the role of a clown selling ice cream. Don’t know what his purpose is, but you need to help and rescue your neighbor as quickly as possible.Ear Ice Scream 3 Mod

Solve puzzles

Puzzles are hidden inside the ice cream clown’s truck. You need to move inside that car, to solve his questions in turn. In the process of exploring, you will collect useful information. By aggregating those sources of information together. You will find out the answer to his presence and know what his evil plot is. Besides, Ice Scream 3 Mod will take you to many different locations. Each location will present conundrums, even sometimes you need to move objects from one location to another. Also sometimes you will encounter danger, like a huge crocodile attacking you. Then use the gun in your hand to destroy them and protect yourself.Download Ice Scream 3 Mod

When downloading the Mod version of the game Ice Scream 3 players will experience the feature of immortality and unlimited ammo. With the immortal feature, you will not be afraid of death or any danger towards yourself. Along with that feature unlimited ammo, will help you unleash bombardment without fear of running out of ammo. Besides, Ice Scream 3 Mod is graphically designed on a 3D platform. The image of the game has dark, scary colors that will sometimes make your heart skip a beat. Combined with realistic, creepy sound quality, expressed through moving footsteps or the movement of things around.

Download Ice Scream 3 Mod APK 1.0.6 (Unlimited Lives/Ammo)

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