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Update October 13, 2021 (2 years ago)

Idle Army Base Mod is a tycoon game, revolving around the theme of the army. The game simulates a large military base. As a commander, the head of a military base area. Your mission is to build and develop the base to earn a lot of money. With idle gameplay, but your work is not idle at all. A lot of the activities that take place in the military are commanded by you. Although not directly involved in the quest. But you are the one who decides what activities will take place. The game belongs to the simulation game genre, provided by the publisher Neon Play. With idle gameplay, you just need to tap on the screen to perform desired actions. Unleash a smart strategy to make your military base even stronger. At the same time earn a lot of money to become a rich commander.

Download Idle Army Base Mod – Manage a Military Area To Make Money

I am a commander, the head of a military area in Idle Army Base Mod. You are responsible for your own decisions. It also outlines the activities that need to be done in the military. Train soldiers to create a powerful army. Build structures to develop military areas. Command soldiers to perform missions at positions in the military base. Gather an army to unleash military wars. Attack and invade other military bases to earn huge profits.Game Idle Army Base Mod

Rookie Force

Army force is one of the main factors determining military strength. At your army base in Idle Army Base Mod. The more recruits you recruit, the bigger your military force will be. That will help your base grow stronger. According to the training time of the rookies. People with a positive attitude to practice, achieve good results. It will be possible to advance to a new rank, with a higher level than the newly enlisted recruits. As a commander, you need to put in place practical exercises. At the same time, give orders that every rookie must follow. Gradually, your military area will have the most powerful soldiers.Download Idle Army Base Mod

Bus stop

A bus stop is a place for new recruits to join the army. In Idle Army Base Mod, the bus stop is located in the area outside the gate. There will be buses moving back and forth every day. After a certain period of time, there will be a bus carrying enlisted recruits. However, the number of new recruits entering the army is not much. Because the bus station and the transportation capacity of each vehicle are limited. If you want your military force can grow quickly. It will be necessary to spend money to invest in a bus station. Upgrade and unlock the necessary equipment for the bus station to function at its best. Typically, the frequency of bus operations appears more. Increase the seating position on each vehicle to carry more recruits.Idle Army Base Mod

Gate to the military area

After the rookie leaves the bus station to start coming to the military area of ​​Idle Army Base Mod. They will have to wait at the gate for a short time to receive their uniforms and personal belongings. In the early stages, the number of recruits to enlist was not much. So the waiting time at the gate to play equipment is quite fast. But over time develop your military base. The number of new recruits to the army is increasing day by day, taking the time to complete the entrance procedures longer. At this point, opening a new entrance will reduce the wait time for new recruits. Help them to quickly enter the military base area to start the mission of a soldier.

Training ground

The training ground is an indispensable place in a military area. This is a place for rookies to perform practice activities. Improve your abilities and health to complete the mission of a soldier. Through the training ground in Idle Army Base Mod, you will earn a lot of money. Because every rookie who wants to practice will have to pay. The rookies who want to rise to a higher rank. It will take a lot of practice, from there, you will make a lot of money.Idle Army Base Mod

Idle Army Base Mod is a tycoon game. As a commander, you can earn a lot of money. However, you need to optimize your work to be able to idle money. Also, hire more managers to assist you with your tasks. Because over time, the amount of your work is increasing. If you want to earn idle money and still have a huge profit. You need to optimize tasks in a simple way.

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